Airline Baggage Charges on USA to Europe Flights

Posted on October, 8, 2019 By : iqfares

Everyone wants to limit the baggage when traveling via airplane but it’s not possible always. Sometimes there may be the situation when you have to bring more stuff.

There are updates in the baggage policy of airlines in this year and now they do not allow free checked baggage. We have mentioned some of the airlines with the best baggage policies on the basis of low-cost carriers for passengers. Here’s how airlines flying USA to Europe charge for the checked baggage:

Name of Carrier 1st Checked Baggage

up to 23 kg

2nd  Checked Baggage

up to 23 kg

3rd Checked Baggage

up to 23 kg

Air Canada $60 $100 $225 $100
Air France Free (except Light fare) $100 $285 $100
American $60 $100 $200 $100
Austrian Free (except Economy Light fare) $50 $100 $150


Free (except Basic fare) $90-100 / £60-65 $180-200 / £120-140 $100 / £65
Delta $60 (free with Main Cabin ticket) $100 $285 $100
Finnair Free (except for Light fare) $100 / €75 $200 / €150 $100 / €75


KLM Free (except Light fare) $80 – $100 $285 $100
Lufthansa Free (ski bag can count as a free item) $200 / €150 $200 / €150


$150 / €100
Norwegian Air $42 ($65 at airport) for direct Low Fare tickets, free with Low Fare+ and Flex fares. $50 for direct Low Fare tickets _ $15 per kilo


Virgin Atlantic Free (except Economy Light) $85-100 / £55-65 $170-200 / £120-140 $60 / £40
Swiss Airlines Free (except Light fare)


$200 / €150 / 180 CHF $200 / €150 / 180 CHF $150 / €100 / 120 CHF
United Airlines Free (except Basic Economy) $100 $200 $200


NOTE: The charges may be changes as per the particular airline’s baggage policy and type of your ticket. The provided information is based on the economy class.

There are many common problems that you have to face while flying with a carry-on and checked baggage. Here are some airline baggage tips to avoid such problems:

  • Do not put the heavy bag in the overhead binThere is the weight limit for carry-on items but make sure you are not packing any heavy item on the bag that you are going to place in the overhead bin. This is because it may fall from the bin and lead to heavy injury.
  • Limit the liquid you carry: Airlines do not allow more than 100 ml or 3.4 ounces of liquid in carry on. For more, you can put it in checked baggage. Make sure you keep it in a ziplock bag to avoid leakage.

  • Use TSA recognized luggage locks: It is allowed to lock your bag and it is better to put a TSA recognized lock rather than others. This is because the security member may check the bags for safety purpose and may break the lock if they aren’t able to open it.
  • Place a tag with the contact information on each bagThere are certain chances that passengers may lose or misplace their bags. Thus if you place a tag then one can return it to you easily by finding the contact information on it.
  • Meet the requirement of baggage Size: airlines have already mentioned the maximum size of baggage that is allowed on board and as checked. Fit that requirement at home before you have to pay extra for an additional package.
  • Don’t pack prohibited Items: You may get confused with the items which are allowed and which aren’t. Read the guidelines of the airline properly to avoid the packing of prohibited items. It may cause hassle if you reach the airport with hazardous or prohibited items.

Next time you take a flight from USA to Europe check the baggage charges before you pack your bag. Avoid additional bag to limit the baggage charges.

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