Some Airlines Have Banned To Carry Christmas Items On Board!

Posted on November, 28, 2017 By : iqfares
banned the Christmas

This time the passengers need to be standing for double check-in according to airline regulations. The airlines banned items if you are flying to visit family this Christmas.

Some airlines have banned the Christmas items like:

  • Foods and decorations
  • Crackers
  • Party poppers
  • Chestnuts

This has happened because the most popular festive things like Christmas crackers are counted under the restricted items under packing regulations.

These rules imposed by airports and airlines. And, said the passengers cannot carry the crackers with them, neither in their hand luggage nor in checked baggage.

The MD of Airport Parking & Hotels Ltd Nick Caunter said: “Packing crackers are a bit of minefield, but airlines & airports having their own conflicting restrictions. So we’ve undertaken this research to hopefully make life a little easier for those flying this Christmas.”

Some airlines which do allow them can usually only take them on board if they are sealed and in their original packaging.

Airlines Allow Passengers Can Fly With Crackers Are:

  • British Airways allow you to carry 2 sealed boxes of crackers in original packaging in your checked luggage, except on US flights.
  • Virgin Atlantic allows you to carry 1 sealed box in original packaging, packed in your checked luggage.
  • And, some other budget carriers like EasyJet, Aer Lingus and BMI Regional permits passengers to bring crackers with them in both checked and cabin luggage.

Airlines Those Ban The Christmas Crackers:

There is the number of airlines that have banned the carriage of Christmas crackers on their flights and that are:

Air France Air India Air New Zealand
American Airlines Cathay Pacific Delta
Emirates Etihad Icelandair
KLM Norwegian Airlines RyanAir
SAS Scandinavian Singapore Airlines South African Airlines
United Airlines WestJet Wow.

Those passengers who are carrying high-end crackers should also be contained inside as items like scissors and screwdrivers. These sets may need to be packed in checked luggage that will depend on size.

But if you are traveling to America, then you cannot take them or you should have to leave them at home.

A spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration said: “They are flammable and should not be brought on airplanes.”

These tight guidelines also cover party poppers, harmless Christmas food, chestnuts. These are banned on all flights leaving the UK.

You can bring 2kg into the UK from the EU, European and Mediterranean countries along with Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco. But, many other countries do not let you pack even one in your hold luggage.

  • Gatwick, Heathrow, and Birmingham allow 1 unopened box of crackers to be placed in hand luggage as long but only if it is permitted by the airline.
  • Manchester, Liverpool, Stansted, East Midlands and London City airports allow them in checked luggage only.

Nick Caunter added: “If you want to bring crackers with you when flying the best thing to do is pack them in checked luggage and avoid having them in hand luggage. But it’s really important you tell check-in staff you’ve packed them in your checked luggage.”

Under heightened security measures, airlines like Ryanair, Etihad, Emirates and Norwegian Airlines have all banned Christmas crackers because crackers fall under the ban because they are explosive and flammable substances.