Best Places To Visit In Europe During Family Vacation

Posted on March, 6, 2018 By : iqfares

It can be very tricky to choose a place while taking a trip to Europe. And that too with the family, when you want to know the best places to visit in Europe because you want your family to get around and get plenty to see which will keep your kids entertained. There are beautiful countries in Europe but these five places are the best to see that promises to be fun with your family.


One of the best picks in Europe is Ireland because it sure will keep the children interested and even the cities are relatively small making it easy for the family for sight-seeing. There are countless of castles to see for the kids and to learn the mythology behind the leprechauns. Another reason why Ireland is the best place to visit is because many pubs will allow the children to listen in the evenings, which means that you and your whole family can enjoy the famous traditional music of Ireland.

Barcelona, Spain:

Barcelona is one of the places which are stylish, exciting and a fun city to visit for all the ages. The world famous football club, amazing architecture of Gaudi’s and the sandy beaches make it a perfect place to visit with family. There is  Parc Guell, L’Aquarium which the kids will love with a massive shark tank, a chocolate museum known as Museu de la Xocolata. Having plenty of city parks and various family dining places which are child-friendly is a reason to add Barcelona in the list.

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia:

Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is one of the best European cities to visit if you are looking for sand and beaches. There are various towns to explore like Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik, all of which are old towns and offers sea-side activities to play and relax. The destination is exceptional for the teenage kids who love the show game of thrones as the filming locations of the hit show are in this country.


There are a number of reasons why Iceland is a great pick for the ones traveling to Europe. The major benefit this place has to offer is that the flight isn’t too long which makes it easier for younger children to travel. It is also the safest country in the world, which will calm you out. There are tons of beautiful places to visit with the gorgeous scenery and geography that will definitely delight your family, especially the kids. You may get a chance to see the famous northern lights if you plan to travel between September to April.

Munich, Germany:

A German city like Munich has a lot to offer which is great for kids. Including some beautiful parks, the city also has a number of museums for different age groups. A visit to Dachau will be most appreciated by the teenage children, while the young children would love to play at Deutsches Museum.

Europe is the most beautiful continent one can witness but the fun and sight-seeing which is promised by these five countries are nowhere to be seen.

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