British Airways Schedule Change Policy, Reissuance & Refund Of Tickets!

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British Airways schedule change

Flying can be stressful if airlines make the changes in the scheduled flight or if the passenger wants to change the date or time of the scheduled flight in advance.  This may consider the departure date, time and other major plans. But the airlines have such policies that allow you to make changes to your itinerary when you or an airline wants.

They initiate the changes that work in your favor. So, check the details on schedule change policy of British Airways that will let you know what you have to do when a schedule change happens.

What Is British Airways Schedule Change Policy?

Only the confirmed booking is eligible for changes. Those bookings are On Hold, not eligible for changes. If you change the flight date and time within the given time, then you are eligible for the refund. In what cases airlines change the flight time and date, the list is below:

The British airways change flight date and plan when:

  • The seasonal demands and new routes are needed and occur.
  • The time is changed from daylight to standard time or vice versa OR the changes in the operating times.
  • The flights that no longer operate.

If the airline changes your flight time and dates the airline will notify you via email or via contacting you and provide the compensation for your flight change.

Voluntary changes:

If the passenger wants to make the changes in the flight, the airline will not offer any compensation. But, charge you for make the changes in the itinerary.

Schedule Changes Are Allowed:

You can change your routing and change dates within 2 days if flight number does not change. But, if your flight number changes, then you can change your routing and your dates within 15 days. Refund of ticket is also possible.

British Airways Change Flight Within 24 Hours:

  • If your reservation was made less than 24 hours ago and your travel date/time was more than 24 hours away from the time you booked, then you can change your flight.
  • You can change your booking and obtain a full refund without penalty if changes made within 24 hours.
  • If the changes made more than 24 hours, the airline will charge you for that.

Changes Outside 24 Hours Of Booking:

This may be possible online in Manage My Booking if the ticket type you booked allows them. Each fare type has its own conditions attached which possibly include it being restricted, non-upgradeable or non-refundable.

British Airways Flight Change Options

If you have booked your flight already and want to change it, then you may change the date or time of your flight ONLINE or PHONE. You can also find out if you can do this for free or if there is a charge.

Online or By Web:

  • Visit the website and click on the “Manage My Booking” button to expand the information your flights.
  • After that, select the ‘Change/Cancel booking’
  • Some service charges may apply, depending on your class of ticket and the type of change you wish to make.

By Phone:

  • Contact at the airline representative desk and ask them for flight change schedule & time.
  • Provide the booking reference number.
  • Pay the change fee if they asked about it. You can also use the credit card for paying the fee.

Use the global service fees calculator to check the payable Booking fee and service fee. The extra fare penalties would be applied at the time of making your change or refund.


  • It is not possible to make all changes in Manage My Booking For Example: Changing your booking to fly from London Gatwick instead of London Heathrow.
  • Or changing any other airport on your journey.

If you are unable to change booking online or have any queries related to flight date or time, contact to the BA’ representative.

British Airways Name Change Policy

The British Airways name spelling mistake and British Airways name change marriage rules are following:

Correcting Or Changing The Name On Ticket:

  • If the name of a person is spelled wrong or does not match on their passport, then you can easily correct it over the phone. The airline will not charge for this type of change.
  • If you booked the flight and find that you made a booking for the wrong person, then you can cancel it within 24 hours and receive a full refund.

Recently Got Married & Want To Changed The Name:

According to the airport security rules, you cannot travel on a ticket booked using your maiden name but your passport has your married name or vice versa.

  • If you want to match the name to your passport name or ticket name, then you may contact the British Airways office.
  • The airline will not charge any fee for this.

The similar situation also applies to those customers who have got divorced and returned to their maiden name or have changed their name.

  • In 24 hour “cooling-off period”, you can cancel your booking and get a full refund.
  • Using Manage My Booking system, you can change the name by visiting the website.


But if the taxes, fees, carrier imposed charges or fuel surcharges on the ticket have changed since the booking was made, then the airline will take additional money at this point. So, send the copies of documents if the Customer Support team of BA needs them to support the name correction.

British Airways Service Fee Or Fare Rules

The extra fee would be applied to your ticket at the time of flight change or refund. In some cases, the airline also provides the full refund.

These service fees apply when a change is made to a booking, irrespective of where the ticket was originally purchased.

For example: if you make a booking through the website in the USA and then make a change to your booking through UK Contact Centre of BA, then the service fee would be applied that relevant to UK Contact Centre.

  • The fee, which is applied to your ticket, depends upon the number of tickets and travelers.
  • The service fees do not vary for adults, children or infants.
  • Keep in mind that changes to your ticket at the time of booking can make additional payments that will depend on the terms and conditions.
  • Your refund would also be calculated according to the fare rules and tariffs applicable to your ticket.


Including London Heathrow, Gatwick, and North America, BA does not accept the cash payments. So for that, check at the airport to find out if other options are available for converting cash to a payment card.

Ticket Reissuance

The airline reissues the tickets that are affected by a schedule change and such cases are:

  • The scheduled flight must be flown between the same origin and destination as was the original.
  • Keep in mind that the tickets will be reissued on the originally purchased tickets.

British Airways Refund Policy:

Refunds for tickets within the fare rules of the ticket can be processed via the GDS.

British Airways Non-refundable Ticket Policy:

If the fare is non-refundable, then only the taxes can be refunded under tax refund.

Combination Of Refundable Or Non-Refundable Tickets:

The most restrictive rule will be applied when a ticket has a combination of a refundable fare with a non-refundable fare. Such tickets would be non-refundable.

Using Partially Tickets Or Fares:

The difference between the purchased price and the applicable fare, minus any applicable charges and taxes, is refunded if a ticket has been partially used.

  • No refund applies if the reassessed fare is higher than the original fare paid including taxes.
  • If an economy one-way exists, then it may only be used for the reevaluation if the reservation class is the same or higher than the parts used return ticket.
  • If the one-way fare value is the same or lower than the original fare paid, then unused taxes may be refunded.

British Airways Refund Time:

If you wish to apply for a refund outside of the fare rules or for any other reason, then you must apply for a refund via the online. Your refund will be authorized in 4 weeks.


After the ticket validity, an unused ticket will only be eligible for full or partial refund up to 3 calendar months.

British Airways Manage My Booking

You can access the Manage My Booking if you have booking reference and last name. Your booking reference can be found on your ticket in the PNR code area or on your e-ticket itinerary receipt. It is series of 6 characters that contains the letters and numbers.

  • If you are an Executive Club member and logged in to the website, you will automatically get the list your booking references.
  • If you are unable to see this reference, then please contact the company from where you purchased the ticket.

Benefits of using “Manage My Booking” Service:

It is a self-service that will assist you by:

  • Giving you reassurance about your booking.
  • Minimize the check booking details and services by phone.
  • Reducing time spent in airport check-in queues.
  • Providing travel information that is relevant to your booking.

Things You Can Do Via “Manage My Booking”:

There are the numbers of things you can do by Manage my booking.

  • The passenger can check their travel itinerary; seat & meal requests.
  • It also provides the information regarding your passport, real-time departures, and arrivals.
  • You can apply for an ESTA if you are traveling to the USA.
  • Customers can add an Executive Club or partner frequent flyer number
  • You can view check-in times and information about Online Check-in and Self-Service Check-in kiosks.
  • Before going to the airport, check-in for the flight online and print your boarding pass.
  • Also can obtain baggage information including allowances or restrictions.
  • The passenger can change your flights, upgrade your cabin class and claim refunds.
  • Book the car parking, car hire, hotels.


The airline will notify you via email if any changes occur to your booking.

Such type of services enables the passengers to get the updates on re-issue tickets, schedule change and get the refund on tickets through the website. So, stay up-to-date with this information and use them during any hassle.