British Airways Will Offer Premium Cabin Sleep Shell From New York To London Route!

Posted on October, 26, 2017 By : iqfares
british offer premium cabin

British Airways is a unit of International Consolidated Airlines Group. And it is offering Premium Cabin Sleep Shell. The airline said that the carrier will start its new bedding from British retailer The White Company.

They will provide this service from New York to London route and invest the $500 million for upgrading the Club World business class product of carrier.

The Other Following Services Will Be Provided By The BA:

  • The additional service like a new restaurant-style dining and new amenity kits will be introduced in the London-based business class cabin of the airline.
  • After the rollout on the New York routes, the BA will also provide this new bedding service on Chicago-London twice daily non-stop flights.
  • The full rollout global route system of BA will be completed by summer of 2018.
  • British Airways said it will introduce the Airbus-380 earlier this year.
  • The largest commercial airline Airbus 380 will now fly from Chicago to London route in May of next year.

The Director of the customer experience at British Air Noted Carolina Martinoli said, “Research shows the things that customers value most in our premium cabins are: Quality of food and drink, service delivered by cabin crew, and the ability to sleep. This new partnership (with The White Co.) combined with the recent rollout of the restaurant-inspired dining service means our customer investment is targeting all three area.”

The British Airways sleep product includes:

  • The soft large pillow.
  • A day cushion that will double as a lumbar support when the passenger is not sleeping.
  • A woven blanket with satin trim.
  • A duvet.
  • A padded mattress cover.

In other words, the BA will help its high-margin business travelers with plenty of items and rest.

The new amenity kits also contain the products “Restore & Relax Spa Collection” that are packed in a bespoke bag from The White Co.

The Other Airline That Are Providing Bedding & Sleep Products:

  • United Airlines introduced its new Polaris product with bedding from luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue in last December.
  • American Airlines will introduce new bedding from upstart mattress and sleep products company Casper starting in December of this year.
  • Delta Air Lines has a tie-in with Western hotels bedding and sleep products in its premium international business class cabins.

All are introducing new bedding system because research has repeatedly shown that premium cabin passengers put a high value on being able to sleep while on long-haul flights.