Do you know these amazing facts about Southwest Airlines?

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Southwest is the major American Airline which is the world’s largest low-cost carrier. The airline headquartered in Dallas, Texas is responsible for serving most of the domestic passengers of U.S.

Southwest has its scheduled services to 101 destinations in the United States and ten additional countries. It has signed the codeshare agreement with various airlines but isn’t partnered with any other airline.

Before booking a flight with any airline you should be aware of their policies, rules and baggage allowance. It can lower your struggle of flying with them. Otherwise, if you fail to meet the policies and rules you will not be allowed to fly with them.

When it comes to flying with Southwest Airlines, there are a few insider secrets you should know if you want a pleasant journey. Here are some points about Southwest Airlines that every flyer should know:

1. It’s the airline with an open seating system: The seating system of Southwest is very different from other major airlines. Southwest does not assign seats to the passengers. They simply have divided the seats into different groups. While boarding each group, they allow the passengers to choose their seats. As a result, passengers of one group who board early will have more options for seats.Those who aren’t aware of this policy will board late and have to sit on the remaining middle seats.

2. Be aware of the Southwest Delay and Cancellation Policies: It is advisable to get aware of the flight delay and cancellation policy of Southwest because it is not so punctual. 

From the results of 2018, it is noticed that it is in the tenth position in terms of punctuality. So, it may be you whose flight may be delayed or canceled thus it is better to read related policies to take steps at such a situation.

Chicago Midway International Airport is Southwest Airline’s busiest hub. Previously Southwest served only Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. But with time it has increased its operations and serves over 100 locations. Around 251 departures leave the Midway airport each day.

3.  Fleets of Southwest as of September 2019. You are going to fly on Boeing 737 because it has 752 Boeing 737 aircraft in its fleet.

Fleet Type:

Type Number Seats
737-700 511 143
737-800 207 175
737 Max 8 34(a) 175

Facts of Southwest Airlines:

  •  Southwest Airlines was called “Air Southwest” until 1971
  •  Southwest completed its 4-aircraft schedule with 3 aircraft by using a “10-minute turn” in their scheduled work.
  •  Till 1975 it served only Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.
  • In 1995, Southwest was the first airline to have its own website.
  • Southwest Airlines is the largest “point to point” operator in the US due to the larger heavy number of domestic flyers.
  • Currently, Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest operator of Boeing 737s.

Why you should fly with Southwest? 

There are three big reasons to fly with Southwest. As there are major airlines who charge you for many things like baggage, preferred seats, and ticket change fee. But, this isn’t the case with Southwest Airlines. Southwest is cheap and the best airline to fly with. That’s why it is good to book a flight with Southwest.

1.      Low Fares: Southwest Airlines offer low airfare for passengers. Passengers who used to frequently book a flight ticket with Southwest will notice that their airfare is comparatively less than other major airlines. So, flying with them is going to be cheaper for you.

2.     Free Checked Baggage: Southwest Airlines do not charge for the first two checked baggage. So, you can take two checked baggage free of cost with Southwest. Weight and size limit may be applied.

3.      No Change Fee: In case, if there is any change in your plan and you’ve booked your flight then you have an option of modifying your trip. You are allowed to do so charge free. You just have to pay the cost difference of the ticket.

How many bags are allowed as carry on or checked baggage?

As Carry-on you can bring one bag plus one personal-type item with you and as checked you can bring two pieces of baggage.

How early I can online check in for my flight?

You can check in online 24 hours prior to scheduled departure time.

Southwest has gained the trust of many customers by providing good services in budget. Many times they provide seasonal sale and flight ticket deals so that customers can fly in very less airfare. Various facilities offered by the airline are appreciated by the passengers. Due to this every year various passengers fly with Southwest either it is a domestic or international journey.

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