EasyJet Will Help You Get Free Accommodation In Europe As A Pet Sitter

Posted on January, 22, 2018 By : iqfares
EasyJet free accommodation

The low-cost European airline; EasyJet is introducing a new facility for the passengers traveling with pets soon. This service will let the customers book a pet sitter or even get free accommodation by pet sitting.

When it comes to traveling with pets, there are a number of rules to be followed by the passengers. And now, the airline is making it little easier for the would-be travelers to travel with their four-handed friends. The airline does not only make your travel with your pet but also let you score free accommodation in exchange for a bit of work.

For this, the airline has teamed up with TrustedHousesitters (the international house and pet sitting business). The member can become a registered member by paying a fee of £89.

This new service of EasyJet will let the European customers choose a free house-sitter for their pet and they can also be a pet sitter in exchange for a free place to stay. Passengers can avail the service while booking flights on EasyJet.com by signing up for a membership.

The airline work on this facility after the result of a survey which shows 58% of passengers claim that they would travel more if they had better pet care solutions.

The free house-sitting will not only include cuddling cats and dogs but the pet sitters could be looking after animals like chickens, pigs, and goat.

Tim Lyons (TrustedHousesitters managing director) stated that “There are millions of pet owners in desirable locations all over the world without adequate pet care; we can now enable them to travel more often with peace of mind, boosting tourism while giving people more authentic travel experiences.”


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