Europe’s Fastest Growing Airports, From Reykjavik To Manchester

Posted on August, 12, 2017 By : iqfares

In the past 5 years, there can be seen an intense increment in the passengers in the European aviation market. Based upon figures of ACI i.e. Airports Council International Europe, there is around 30 percent increase in total with around 9% increase in the first six months of 2017.

Talking about the star performer of the listing, it is the Keflavik airport in Iceland which manages to see 40 per cent more passengers between January and June this year as compared to the data of 2016. One of the main reasons behind such an outstanding performance is the timely departures of this European airport.

The airport serves more than 120,000 people of the city and a nation of one-third of a million.

There are some new entries in the “routes you never thought you would see” category which includes Reykjavik to Pittsburgh and to Lyon on Wow Air.

Russia is the next best performing nation with a number of three leading airports and a passenger growth at a remarkable rate. Here, you will see the following rises:

  • St Petersburg shows 26 per cent up.
  • Sheremetyevo (hub for Aeroflot) manages to hold an 18 per cent rise.
  • Domodedovo with its Russian partner (S7), show an upgrade of 10 per cent.

If you want to know which two airports show a real growth, then there are two perfect winners who have made remarkable achievements.

  1. Manchester (up 13 per cent), and
  2. Gatwick (9 per cent higher)

Manchester has made its place in the top 20 European airports whereas Gatwick handled as many passengers in July i.e. 4.7 million as airports such as Belgrade, Pisa and even Newcastle handle together in a year.

Along with that, with an average of 150,000 people in or out each day in the month of July, the Sussex airport is extracting an absurd amount of capacity from its single runway.