Experience These Europe’s Uniqueness With Cheap First Class Flights!

Posted on December, 28, 2018 By : iqfares
Experience these Europe’s uniqueness with cheap first class flights!

Welcome to Europe! Sunset from Eiffel tower, hand made chocolate, Belgium beer, nightlife with a cold breeze! All these things come to our mind when we first heard Europe. BUT Europe is much more than this! So just take cheap first class flights from IQFARES and explore this uniqueness.

1) Kart racing on ice: Finland

One of the best and my favorite KART RACING. Nothing can be more adventures than doing a kart racing on ice. Oh god! Too much risk! But this risk is worth to take. All you need to do is fasten your belts and ready for the training, as I said it is a little risky. So proper training will be given to you with safety equipment. 

2) Order an Einspanner: Vienna

The specialty of Vienna is DOUBLE ESPRESSO TOPPED WITH HOME-MADE WHIPPED CREAM served with little chocolate on the side.  It is a traditional drink of Viennese coach drivers as it was believed that coffee could be kept warm and so do drivers hand. To must try this ultimate espresso take cheap first class tickets to Europe.

3) Enjoy a pilsner: Germany

This HIGHEST BEER GARDEN in Germany situated atop the Zugspitze, which is the highest mountain in Germany. This sprawling terrace is difficult to climb but can only be accessed either with a foot or cable car,which is worth to travel for the epic view of the Alps with a cold beer in hand.

4) Coasteering:Ireland

You will get all the adventurous activities at one spot. Be that rock climbing, cliff jumping or extreme diving, everything at one point.The west coast of Ireland is a terrific place for all action-packed activities.You will get a chance to enjoy the charming nature’s view at this part of Ireland.

5) Create your own original perfume: France

We all know that France is always trendy in terms of perfume. And making your own perfume is something which no one will wanna miss!So visit the WORLD’S FRAGRANCE CAPITAL THE HOUSE OF GALIMARD and create your own fragrance.

6) Ferrari drive:Italy

Italian cars are undoubtedly world class and if you will get a chance to drive a Ferrari, then I think we can’t wish for anything more! Yes,you can drive a Ferrari camera with an official pilot and an internal helmet for your safety. You can also experience the breathtaking sound of F430 engine with 0-100 km/h just in 4 sec.

7) Northern lights:Iceland

In order to experience the northern lights, Iceland is at the top of the list. Winter is the prime time to see the glittering lights else the sky is filled with rain clouds.  Grabcheap first class flights to experience this unforgettable and mind-blowing view.

8) Soak in the thermal bath: Budapest

One of the greatest pleasures of Budapest is the spectacular thermal bath. These are surrounds with the steam rooms and naturally warm pools. The city is consisting of thermal spas like Gellert and Kiraly and Rudas baths.

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