Finnair To Extend Duration Of Seasonal Service To Chicago This Year

Posted on February, 24, 2018 By : iqfares

The duration of its seasonal service is being expanded by Finnair to Chicago this year. The Helsinki-Chicago route will be extended from the genuine planned April 19 to October 27 dates to comprise two flights a week from Oct. 28 through December 3.

In 2018, Seasonal service will begin as planned on April 19, having five flights a week from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport to Helsinki through October 27.

Since the service was launched in Chicago in summer of 2015, the city is the only gateway of Finnair in the Midwest.

Extending of Helsinki-San Francisco route from Dec. 5, again with two flights a week for the extension period was also remarked by Finnair.

Being the member of the OneWorld airline alliance, Finnair is having code-sharing agreements with fellow OneWorld member carriers American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia, all of which are also serving Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.