Five off-beat destinations that you can travel to in Europe

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A large number of people love to travel the world and there is a high rise in the number of tourists from all over the world that throng Europe all throughout the year. People just love Europe for its natural beauty and amazing history that differs from place to place. A lot of people who have travelled to Europe come back for more and love to visit some of the off-beat destinations that are situated in Europe.

Now these are some of the most amazing destinations in Europe that you can visit all throughout the year. These destinations witness really low number of visitors and are some of the most amazing places to see and have fun with a loved one. Out of all the amazing and popular destinations in the whole of Europe, these destinations offer the least number of people and absolutely no crowds.

You can have a great time with a loved one at either of these destinations by witnessing the amazing history and culture of these areas apart from the amazing cuisines and warm people who are happy to accommodate.  Make sure that you do your planning well in advance as you might find difficulty with the air tickets as well as a decent accommodation for stay. A lot of airlines offer services to these destinations and you can find really good first class deals as well as business class flight deals to these destinations. All you have to do is plan your trip and book in advance to get a great price.

  1. Monaco

Monaco is a really small city-state that witnesses no more than 292,000 visitors each year. However, that does not mean that Monaco doesn’t have anything to offer. It is a place that witnesses really rich and powerful visitors all over the year. Monaco is a favourite destination for wealthy and popular celebrities and you won’t be witnessing any backpackers here. Wondering why it is like that? Well, Monaco is a really great place to park your yacht, witness the beautiful French Riviera or pay a visit to the casino in Monte Carlo. For those who a little less well-off, Monaco has a large number of tourist attractions that are worth a visit like the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco among others.

2. San Marino


San Marino is an absolutely small destination with 60 square kilometres of area and makes Liechtenstein seem massive in comparison. Its small size makes it rank low on the list and there aren’t a lot of visitors who stay overnight when they visit San Marino. This off-beat destination witnesses no more than 139,000 visitors each year and those who stay here can spend time exploring the country’s nine settlements, and can visit its majestic castles and get a glimpse of the rich history of the world’s oldest republic.

3. Belarus

The last dictatorship of Europe, Belarus is often ignored as a popular destination. With a small number of visitors that don’t go upwards of a 100,000 each year this place has a lot more to offer than you can ask for. Since its name suggests why it is one of the least visited countries in Europe, you can still visit Belarus for a splendid view of its beauty. The country is perfectly safe for visitors despite its stunted political process, it’s just that there aren’t many tourist destinations that you might consider as iconic and you might not have a good time if you are looking for a place that offers nightlife and stuff like that. The charming capital city of Minsk is pleasant place for you to spend a few days for a calming experience.

4. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a great place with a really small population of only 36,000 citizens. It witnesses more than 50,000 visitors each year which is actually a pretty good number if comparing the country’s population. The total area of this destination is only 160 square kilometers, or about one quarter the size of San Francisco. The destination is set high in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria and its capital city, Vaduz, is the place you need to visit for its amazing sights like wineries and a car-free city center and a castle. Not just that, you can rule over Liechtenstein when you visit here for an amount of just $70,000 per night. Tourists can rent the whole country and rule over it with an iron fist.

5. Moldova

Moldova is the least visited country in the whole of Europe with no more than 11,000 visitors each year. Wondering why it witnesses such a small number of visitors? Well, there are a number of reasons. The first is that Moldova is situated between Romania and Ukraine and it is quite difficult for you to get here. The second reason is that it doesn’t have many iconic tourist destinations apart from its amazing wineries. Last but not the least is that a part of the country, Trans nistria, is a breakaway republic that offers you a glimpse of the erstwhile USSR. So if you are looking for a really unique and less travelled destination that you can boast about in front of your friends, Moldova is the place for you.

Final word

It is really important that you travel these destinations with an open mind. You will not be witnessing huge crowds or place that you can party at night. You will be witnessing natural beauty, rich history and culture. Don’t expect too much out of these destinations or you will end up being disappointed. Have a great time enjoying the beauty of these destinations and you will satisfy your desire for a great trip.

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