Flight Cancellation And Delay: What To Do To know About Claiming Compensation!

Posted on March, 23, 2018 By : iqfares

It can create a hectic situation if your flight is canceled or delayed. And due to that many of travelers have faced at least one of such unpleasant situations when you are getting ready for a vacation or a business trip. But, each airline has different policies and rules.

If your flight is canceled due to weather, then the airline provides some sort of outright compensation for your troubles. Some airlines will also offer flexible changes to tickets, a full ticket change, a ticket change without penalties, and full and/or partial refunds.

So, if your flight is delayed or canceled then be prepared and find out what your rights are. Here are some essential tips for coping with flight cancellations and delay to get home quickly and safely.

Query 1: When am I entitled to compensation?

You are legally entitled to receive the same compensation if your flight to or from an EU airport is delayed for 3 hours or more. These rules are applied if you are flying with Ryanair or British Airways. The airline will compensate you if the airline has been informed that your flight has been canceled at very short notice.

But if the flight is canceled beyond the airline controls like a strike, volcanic eruption etc, the airline is not legally obliged to provide compensation.

Query 2: How do I claim for flight delay compensation?

You can claim compensation for delay or cancellations by contacting the airline agent or a travel agent. You can also get help from the airline website by clicking on getting help button. Alternatively, you can find a template letter here to help with filing your claim.

Query 3: If I’m waiting at the airport for a new flight, will I get compensation?

If you have been purchased a new flight ticket and have to wait in the airport for over 2 hours for a short-haul flight or over 4 hours for a long flight, then the airline will accommodate you with food and drink vouchers at the airport.

You can also claim on your travel insurance if the delay is outside the airline’s control. But, this will depend on what company you have purchased your policy with because many policies include different rules.

Query 4: Who will pay for food and accommodation if I have to stay extra days?

If you are traveling in an EU-based airline or departing from an EU airport, then food and accommodation are only paid for by the airline. While non-EU airlines should also refund you or try to accommodate you on an alternative flight, they may not provide you with food and drink.

These things also work on the basis of where you are from, where you are stuck, for how long and if you have any friends or relatives nearby that can take care of you. So, claim all such things on your travel insurance.

Query 5: What can I expect from my airline if my flight is canceled due to a strike?

If your flight is a delay because of a strike, then the airline will offer you assistance but only if the delay is expected to go beyond a certain point. This may include refreshments and accommodation.

But if cancellation and delay occur due to strike, then you might not oblige to offer compensation because strikes are usually considered to be ‘extraordinary circumstances’.

Query 6: If I miss a connection will a get a refund?

If you book 2 flights on separate airlines and miss the second flight due to the first one being delayed or canceled, then you are not able to get a refund for the second flight.

So, booking flights with the same airline can prove beneficial in the long run.

Bottom Line

There is a number of things that you have to do before booking of flight so that you may face delays or cancellations during your travels. Read all about airline’s policies and know your rights. Additionally, check the weather for your departure location and your final destination, as well as many places where you may be connecting.