Review And Information About The Services Provided At The Germany Frankfurt Airport!

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Frankfurt Airport Reviews

Frankfurt airport is the busiest and major international airport of Europe. Frankfurt has made connections to 300 airports in more than hundred countries. The airport holds the fourth position after London-Heathrow, Paris, and Amsterdam for passengers in Europe. There is an average of 1,295 flight takeoffs and landings at Frankfurt Airport each day.

In addition, the airport has its own bus station and rail transfer point to many other German cities. It has also a large number of parking spaces, hotels, and many other facilities. So, here are the reviews of the Frankfurt Airport.

Terminals Facilities:

Mainly, Frankfurt Airport has three terminals and that is:

Terminal 1:

Terminal 1 is the home of Lufthansa and the Star Alliance airlines. It is separated into 4 Concourses that is A, B, C, and Z.

If you are going to change plans for an international flight on a Z gate, you will be required to go through a checkpoint where you have to present your passport for check-ins and require an exit stamp on your passport.

Terminal 1 is divided into the multi-level maze:

  • Level 1 is for arrival.
  • Level 2 is for check-in and departure.
  • Level 3 is access to hotels and long distance rail station.
  • Level 0 is an access to parking, below which is the regional rail station.

Terminal 2:

  • Terminal 2 is for all other airlines except Lufthansa.
  • Terminal 2 is divided into two Concourses that are D and E.

It provides the best professional, personalized airport assistance to the travelers in Frankfurt International Airport, both pre-scheduled and emergency situations.

Here you can avail services on:

  • The departure of Terminal 1 is at the level 2, zones A, B, C, and Z.
  • The departure of Terminal 2 is at the level 2 zones D and E.

Other services that are provided by the representative from the departure or arrival point at the airport:

  • Their representative waits for you with the name board at the curb and provides the further assistance.
  • At the airport, the professional staff ready with your boarding pass and helps you at the check-in counter, without having to wait in airport lines.
  • The representative always is with you to ensure that you receive the proper assistance with seat selection, boarding and baggage transactions.
  • The airport representative escorts you to the airport lounge so you can take some rest. And assist you to enjoy the complimentary snacks and drinks before your flight.
  • The representative helps you in upgrading your travel class seats. In a case of cancellation, change in plan, missed or delay flights, they assist you with the rebooking
  • They provide the Porter service which includes collecting luggage from your vehicle to the check-in counter.
  • The airport representative walks you through the fast track process to avoid lines at the passport control and customs clearance.
  • They always monitor and update you with the flight timing. So, you can relax without worrying.
  • Once you have successfully checked-in and completed all of your luggage and security transactions. They personally escorted you to the departure gate to board your flight.

Airport Hotels:

There are three hotels within the airport complex and a fourth that is on the grounds but requires a bus transfer.

This guide is for informational purpose to assist you with your planning trip. The information in this airport guide is based on information collected and received from the airports, lounges, hotels, transportation providers and their web sites.



By Train:

Local Trains – Tickets and information for local trains are available at the DB TravelCenters. It is located at the Terminal 1, B Concourse, and Level 0.

  • In Terminal 1, Level 0, Ticket vending machines are also available.
  • DB TravelCenters is open daily from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

Regional & International Trains – Tickets for long-distance and international trains can be purchased at the DB TravelCenters. It is located in the regional train station that is at the Terminal 1, B Concourse, and Level 0. The long distance trains station is situated on Level 3 of the AIRail terminal.

Long distance trains arrive at the international station which is connected to Terminal 1 by a walkway (5 to 10 minutes). To reach Terminal 2 take a short Sky train connection from Terminal 1 Zone B.

By Car:

  • There are different ways to reach at the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 by car. Drop off is possible in-front of both terminals that is just outside of the check-in halls.

Or follow the signs to reach the destination terminal but note there is a 15 minute limit on waiting which is controlled and is often very difficult to find a space.

  • There is a small entry door in the parking area between the first class entrance and the beginning of the terminal 1A departure level.
  • Parking for Terminal 1 is closest to check-in. P2, P3, and P5 are also close but it adds extra 5 minutes to wait for an elevator. Parking for Terminal 2 is conveniently situated under the check-in hall. At P1, P5, and P8 there is female parking facility.

By rental car:

Most major car rental companies have offices at Terminal 1, and Terminal 2.

If you are new to driving in Germany, this can be a convenient way to book your car easily. The airport is conveniently situated at the crossroads that providing you a good access to all cities of Germany and Central Europe.

By Bus:

It provides the several connections. Most bus stops are located in front of Terminal 1 at Arrivals Level.

Consider Lufthansa Airport Bus Service For a comfortable and airline passenger-specific bus service. Passengers traveling with any airline can use the frequent services of a Lufthansa Airport bus.


There are two lounges available to all passengers:

  • LUXX Lounge: It is located in the Terminal 1, between the concourses B and C. And you can access it from 6 AM to 9:30 PM daily.
  • SKY Lounge: It is placed at the Terminal 2, Level 3 that is opposite to the departure gate D8. And you can access it from 6:45 AM to10PM daily.

Eat and drink:

Terminal 2 has shopping, eating and other entertainment possibilities after the security check. There are a cafe, a newspaper kiosk and a quite small tax-free shop where you can buy coffee or snacks.

There are numerous sandwich places on the airside of A, and though the selection on the airside of C and Z is more limited, there are still good choices. There are a number of choices on level 2 and level 0 at Terminal 1.

Heberer’s Traditional Bakery:

  • It is located in two places on Terminal 1, Concourse A, Level 2 and Concourse Z, Level 3.
  • Concourse A is opened between the 5:00 to 21:30 every day and Concourse Z is opened between 6:30 to 21:30 every day.
  • Their sandwiches are great. They provide downright delicious sandwiches that are made up with fresh bread and ingredients.


It is German sausages plus and located at Terminal 1, Concourse A, Level 0.


It is a Good place for waiter service, and also not as hectic as other places. And it is located in Terminal 1, level 2, Concourse B.

Meyer Feinkost:

  • It is located in the Terminal 1, Concourse A that is next to Gates A1-A5.
  • It opens between the 05:00-22:00. It sells warm and cold sandwiches, coffee, juices, soups, and chocolates.


It is placed in Terminal 1, Area Z, Level 3, and hidden a little behind other food stalls. It serves good German food.

Shopping Options:

  • There are several ATMs scattered around the airport in the check-in and arrivals concourse.
  • In Terminal 1, level 2, there are a number of fashion shops, pharmacy, and newsagents.
  • On Terminal 1, level 0 is a new shopping area. As this is the only possible place to shop on a Sunday and also a useful place for emergency purchases.
  • There are the duty-free and luxury shops at the Terminal 1 in area B and Z.

Falke: It is at the Terminal 1, a Shopping Boulevard and open from 06:00 AM to 21:00 PM. The shop sells exclusive socks and high-quality underwear.

Lufthansa WorldShop:  Lufthansa-related gadgets and some other cool stuff while at the airport.

WI-FI connection:

  • Wireless Internet access is available. You can get 24 hours of the free internet by filling a simple form with your name and e-mail address.
  • This information is not checked, so any pattern of numbers and letters is enough. Broadband access is also available.

Play Area:

  • It is at the Terminal 2 level 4. For kids, there is a play area to climb around.

Terminal 1 has public showers with full of accommodation like a towel, shower gel, foot mat, and hair dryer. One is in the B Departures area, and the other is in the secure area of B Concourse Level 2.

There is also luggage storage available in both the terminals. There is also two Prayer room. The one is in the Terminal 1, B Concourse, Level 2 and another one is at the Terminal 2, D Concourse, Level 3.

Reviews Of Frankfurt Airport:

By Alina P from Limassol, Cyprus:

                                         The Frankfurt airport is great. The airport representative entertains its customers and offers additional services and tours like we had in Frankfurt. It was a pleasure to see the plane from the ceiling. We had 3 hours for our next flight, so the waiting time was very pleasant and exciting.

By NDEHone from German:

                                      The weather called for rain in May again, so we decided to book a flight on Sunday afternoon because the weather called the rain. It did not rain after all but the tour was more interesting than the last time.

And, yes we will go again. This time we took a closer look at how the Dreamliner and 380s are set up to go. Last time we took the tour there were none being set up? That is why it was more interesting.

By Oscar Auliq-Ice:

                        Frankfurt Airport is amazing and wonderful. The interior design is looked very advanced and fancy. Thanks to the big space, for the comfortable lounge area and the clear routes for passengers. The Signs and gate directions at the airport were big and clear. The most I liked is, the restaurant offers as I always need some good food before heading onto the flight. They have all kind of facilities for passengers like many shopping outlets, free Wi-Fi and seating facilities great. The staff is also very helpful and polite.