Get Familiar with Best Airport Lounges And Access Programs

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On long layovers, one can enjoy a little luxury at the airport. No matter what class of ticket you have purchased, you can get access to the best airport lounges with these programs.

It is always better to enter a lounge than to sit on an uncomfortable chair in the boarding area while waiting for your connecting flight. You can also rest at the airport if you reach too early.

Why you access the Airport Lounge?

It is better to enter the lounge than hanging out at the airport after reaching early and spending hours there. The lounges will give you extreme premium services where you will never feel bored.

  1. Various facilities include free Wi-Fi, pleasant seating with charging ports, and complimentary snacks & beverages.
  2. In the lounges, you can relax without worrying about your flight because you can easily monitor the departure time for your flight here.
  3. Access to television, newspapers, and magazines will keep you updated.
  4. It’s a safe place to move with your kids and family.
  5. One can easily refresh here in between their flights.
Best Airport Lounges: 

1. FINNAIR PREMIUM LOUNGE, HELSINKI: You can find this lounge near gates 36 and 37 in the non-Schengen area of Helsinki Airport. This lounge is finely designed based on local culture and art.

The Finnair Premium Lounge in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is on top of leading hubs due to its ultimate features. The interior with lightning, colors, and sensation transforms the day into night and winter into summer. The special mood lighting on the walls with different shades of blue, magenta, and fuchsia blend to create a mellow ambiance. Here you can have a restful and relaxed sleep.

Different sections of the main lounge is divided into the seating area, bar and restaurant dining area. On the upper floor, you can get a separate room with chairs, seating area, shower, kid’s room, and other facilities.

2. VIRGIN ATLANTIC CLUBHOUSE, JFK AIRPORT, NEW YORK: This lounge located beyond the TSA checkpoint is accessible to Upper-Class passengers and Flying Club Gold members. Here you will find the appealing services by an incredible staff, fantastic food beverages, and complimentary spa treatments for Virgin customers.

Foodies can enjoy the la carte menu that features five-star dining and smaller tapas-style dishes. There is also an entertainment zone that has a pool table and other games to play. The seating area at the corner gives you an opportunity to talk with other people. For some “me time” you can go to take some delights of the spa.

3. STAR ALLIANCE LOUNGE, LOS ANGELES: This lounge is located in Tom Bradley International Terminal, 6th Floor. You can get access to this lounge if you are a gold member or the member of partner airline in first and business class.

The lounge has numerous areas to relax and suites where you can freshen up before the flight. Personalized level of services include la carte dine and private seating.  For entertainment, there are various options; one of the appealing locations in the outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the fascinating views.

4. AIR FRANCE BUSINESS LOUNGE, CDG AIRPORT, PARIS: This lounge is located in Hall L of Terminal 2E at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. It has a total seating capacity of 540 people, providing optimum comfort to them.

Here is an extremely beautiful centerpiece, Le Balcon (exclusive space) and the largest wellness area. The exceptional amenities and finishes are extremely good. You can taste the scrumptious delights from all around the world in their large buffet. There is also a bar with the finest menu of cocktails.

As all the lounges are not accessible to everyone so you can join the airport lounge access programs to have all the perks. Some of the Best Airport Lounge Access Programs are:

  1. Purchase Priority Pass: You can join the Priority Pass membership from the website or credit card perk. After joining the membership you will get access to more than 1200 lounges in 500 cities all over the world. There are several membership tiers at different costs. You can purchase any of them as per your convenience.
  2. Credit Card Perk: Some credit cards offer various perks for travelers. They give you points for travel insurance, hotel upgrade, and airport lounge access. Use the card that offers maximum perks for your travel countries. Moreover, as a cardholder, you will get access to various lounges too.
  3. MasterCard Airport Membership: The Mastercard Airport membership allows you to enter over 1000 airport lounges. Since not all Mastercards are going to give you these perks so choose the card carefully. So, go with the credit card include Mastercard Airport Experiences for the travelers.

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