Hundreds Of British Tourists Spend A Night Sleeping In UK Airports

Posted on January, 6, 2018 By : iqfares
British Tourists

After a massive snowstorm in America, numerous flights were canceled and this leads hundred of British passengers to spend the night sleeping at the airport. Some of the passengers are forced to return to the UK while over the Atlantic too.

An estimated 2,700 flights to the east coast were disrupted by the storm. This forced the multiple passengers to stuck in airports on both sides of the Atlantic.

Travelers who left London Gatwick bound for John F Kennedy Airport were rerouted to Washington DC’s Dulles International Airport due to extreme weather.

The Norwegian Air flight from London was diverted which lead the families with young children to sleep on the floor at the airport.

The flights were delayed or canceled after a blizzard dubbed the ‘bomb cyclone’ brought the capital to a standstill.

On the other hand, the airports in New York and New Jersey were forced to close for several hours. The reason behind that is whiteout conditions and this result in cancellation of more than 70 percent of flights.

Talking about the cancellation of flights due to the storm, it has affected many airlines such as 10 U.S-bound flights from Heathrow were canceled, Delta and United also canceled Boston and New York-bound flights from Heathrow and more.

All this has lead to the suspension of flight operations at JFK and LaGuardia airports.

A number of aircrafts have canceled the landings in the New York area. These are diverted to Detroit, Chicago, and Washington DC.

Around 867 flights had been canceled in New Jersey at Newark Liberty Airport by noon.


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