In-Flight Sleeping Tips for USA to Europe Travelers

Posted on September, 16, 2019 By : iqfares

USA to Europe is a journey of around 11 hours in flight. Travelers may get tired due to long-haul journeys. Even sleeping seems impossible on planes because of distractions and hassles. Sometimes it is necessary to reach refreshed at the destination because you have a meeting there.

How to sleep on a plane?

Business class flights offer extra leg space and personal space where you can sleep easily. But, sleeping on a plane is a struggle when you are in economy class. But, there are some hacks that you can use to sleep comfortably on your next flight.

Tips for sleeping on a plane:

1, Choose the Seat Wisely: 

Seats matter a lot. You are going to spend your whole journey on a single seat so choose it wisely. Avoid middle seats because you will be disturbed by your neighbors from both sides. Window or aisle seats are comfortable but for sleeping purpose, window seats are considered better.

2, Avoid Caffeine:

Caffeine doesn’t let you sleep so you must avoid caffeine contained products such as coffee before and during the flight. Other than this you can opt for juice or water that keeps you hydrated in the whole journey.

3, Power down the Screens:

Before sleeping, create an environment in which you can sleep easily. Avoid the brightness of screen and mobile phone. Power them down and keep aside before you sleep. Don’t use a cell phone while you are trying to sleep.

4, Noise Canceling Headphones:

Noise-canceling headphones are the real companion in the flight. They prevent you from the noise that you can’t avoid in a plane. It will help you in sleeping for a long time without any disruption. Moreover, those who don’t sleep can easily spend the entire duration of 10-hour flight listening to music or watching movies using headphones.

5, Guided Meditation can help:

Meditation is an effective way to sleep in a better way. It distracts you from unnecessary thoughts and gives a relaxed feeling. After listening you will automatically feel calm and peaceful.

6, Wear Comfortable Outfit: 

Your cloth matters a lot since no one can sleep in tight clothes comfortably. Loose and cotton clothes are better to wear for travel. Moreover, some opt to wear pajamas for a pleasant in-flight experience. In first and business class flightsamenity kits are provided.

7, Sleeping Pillow is Must:

Sleeping for hours on a seat may cause pain in neck and back. A supportive neck pillow is a solution to such a situation. A travel pillow can help you recreating your sleeping posture anywhere so that you can sleep peacefully.

8, Little bit Recline:

Recline your seat when you want to sleep but make sure you are not limiting the space of person sitting behind you. Too much reclining of your seat can create hassles for another person. Always look behind before you recline.

9, Weather Specific Clothes:

Traveling USA to Europe in a flight means you are going to deal with mild temperature. So, pack according to weather. Don’t wear too many clothes on the flight because it may lead to irritation and anxiety. Wear according to the weather of destination and climate condition. Also, the season in which you are traveling matters too.

Sometimes there comes a situation when you need to sleep anywhere anytime. Mostly travel is when such a situation occurs and you need to sleep in the flight or at the airport due to flight delay and cancellation. These tips can be helpful to make you sleep anywhere.

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