Make Connecting Flights Smoother to Never Miss a Connection

Posted on October, 25, 2019 By : iqfares

Most people who travel via air have many options for flying. They can either fly direct, non-stop, or in a connecting flight. You must know what kind of flight you are going to fly before you book a flight. As mostly people go for the cheap flight tickets and the connecting flights are the most desirable when we talk about price. 

The connecting flights are cheapest because it takes at least two different planes with two different flight numbers to reach your final destination. The struggle of connecting flight includes:

  • In Connections, you will be landed on a terminal and then to take another connection you have to reach another terminal. At that time, there may be a long walk or you have to take a train and thus due to less connection time, there is a risk of missing the flight.
  • Connecting flights are considered longer than the direct and non-stop flights.
  • There is a struggle of moving with your carry-on bags on-off the plane multiple times.

So, make your mind for all that hassles if you are going to fly with connecting flights. One major benefit of flying in connecting flights is that they lie in the budget of many people. To overcome above mentioned struggles and hassles here we have mentioned some ways:

1 Baggage Query: Main confusion is what happens to your baggage while you change the flight. If both the connection flights are of the same airline or under interline agreement then your baggage will be automatically transferred to another airline. For other doubts, you can call the airline directly and ask about the baggage. Another option is to clear all your doubts about airport staff while you check-in the luggage.

2 Separate Connecting Flights: If the connecting flights are booked separately then the airline is not going to transfer your bag to another airline. You have to collect your baggage on your own after your first flight and re-check your baggage before your connecting flight. At that make sure you have enough time to complete all that formalities because the airline has no obligation of waiting for you. It is advised to have at least two hours of time for international connecting flights.

3 Customs on Connecting Flights: As for particular airports in the US and Canada you have to go through the custom and immigration at the connecting airport. Even if you are not planning to stay there you have to go through these formalities. Make sure you avoid tight connections because there is no guarantee that your luggage will arrive at the same time.

4 Avoid the last flight of the day: There may be certain chances that you have missed your connection or the airline has to put you to the next flight. And if you are already flying in the last flight of the day you’ll be shifted to the flight on the next day. As a result, you will have to stay one night at the connecting hub and reach one day late at the destination.

5 Chose the Connecting hub wisely: Some of the hubs are too much busy that can lead to missing your flight. Choosing a wrong hub can ruin your whole trip. In Europe, mostly considered hubs are Amsterdam (Sky Team) and Munich (Star Alliance), along with such secondary hubs Brussels, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Madrid, and Rome. These are the best for connecting hubs than the other larger hubs.

6 Keep Updated Always: On the day of your flight, maybe there are some immediate changes in your flight to which you aren’t aware. There is always a possibility that there is a change in your flight’s gate, terminal, scheduled time. So, always call the airline and stay updated with the latest changes.

7 Move Without Checked-In: You must know how to deal with your baggage while moving for the connecting flights. It is always suggested to bring only a carry bag if possible because dragging with carry-on from one terminal to another is very difficult and it may lead you to reach late to the flight. Some connections will make you check in again at another terminal and there is no responsibility of the airline to provide your checked luggage in time so it is better to have only a single carry-on. 

8 Seat Matters: When you are in a hurry every second matter. Choose a seat that is in front so that you can easily rush for the next connection. To make a quick gateway the aisle seats are best for you.

9 Map of the Airport: For tight connections, you can use your smart mind. Use an airport map so that you can easily orient yourself before you arrive. Make a beforehand plan from which gate you are going to arrive and leave so that you can move without wasting your time.

So, make sure you keep in mind these steps so that you can avoid missing your connecting flight. In worst cases make sure you have the emergency call number of the airline so that you can call them when required.

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