New Hub Airport To Be Constructed By Poland

Posted on February, 19, 2018 By : iqfares

With the hope to become a regional hub, the new airport is scheduled to open in 2027. It is also expected to be one of the largest transfer Airports in Europe.

According to Airports Council International, Warsaw Chopin Airport became the busiest in central and eastern Europe with 15.75 million passengers in 2017. In few years time, it will meet the full capacity because of continues growing traffic at the Chopin Airport. The government wishes to replace it with a new Airport surrounding these concerns.

The new Airport will be constructed 40 km west of Warsaw in the municipality of Baranów in central Poland. It will be named after the Solidarity trade union that helped destroy communism in Poland. With the inceptive capacity of 45 million passengers a year rising to 100 million in following years, it will be constructed on around 3000 hectares of land.

Alongside the rapid rail connections to the capital and other cities, the new airport would serve as a segment of the new transport hub. From the main urban area, it could be reached by train in 2.5 hours according to the government, further decreasing to 2 hours. A planning of a new town by the airport with business parks and congress center is also in talks.

Comprising the rail and road infrastructure, the establishment is expected to cost €7.2-8.4 billion. The government is unclear at the moment about where the money will come from. Supposedly profitable, it could become a burden for the state budget according to the critics.


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