Some Tips to Travel with Kids for Stress-Free Journey

Posted on December, 15, 2018 By : iqfares

Flying with kids is a little bit complicated than to fly alone. Feeling worried if your child will scream in the whole journey? To make the journey peaceful and stress-free, train your child for travel before the trip.

Traveling with kids can be stressful if you aren’t already prepared. Here are some tips by Iqfares to prepare your child before the journey:

Be Prepared for Everything:-

Pack food and toys with yourself so that they would not scream when they arehungry.

  • Try to take your child for small journeys so that they may get used to traveling.
  • Make them habitual with different types of food so that they can easily digest the flight meal.

Book the Bassinet:-

Airlines provide the facility of bassinets for infants.

  • If you are going to travel with your baby then book the bassinet while booking the ticket.
  • Every airline has some rules and restrictions for bassinet so check the guidelines before you book.

Early Boarding:-

Parents traveling with their child have the benefit of early boarding.

  • They can take their carry-on luggage and put in compartments before other passengers.
  • You can take advantage of this facility while traveling with children.

Make them Comfortable:-

On the long-haul journey your child may get frustrated at that time give yourattention to your child.

  • Try to make them comfortable by talking to them.
  • Let them feel the trip as an adventurous journey to hang up.
  • If they feel discomfort then find for the effective solution to distract them like music, chewing gum etc.

Chat with Flight Attendant:-

If your child is under the age of 2 then you can have the special chat with theflight attendant.

  • They will guide you about how to handle the child while take-off, landing and in the journey.

Bring Snacks and OtherStuff:-

Don’t be a person who asks the flight attendants forsmall things.

  • Try to pack the color books, stickers, napkin, crayons, and other stuff with yourself.
  • Also, make sure you pack some food and snacks from home to your child. The homemade meals will be better for kids than the airline’s menu.

Involve them in Activities:-

Take a pen, pencil, toys, game and other small belongings with yourself for thejourney.

:Take a pen, pencil, toys, game and other small belongings with yourself for thejourney.

  • To avoid the child’s boredom; keep them engaged in activities such as game, painting, and books. 
  • Settle all these essential things in a single bag with yourself under the seat.

Feed the Kids:-

In long-haul journey, feed the kids from time to time.

  • Choselight food or snack so that they can easily digest the food.
  • Avoid overfeeding; the shaky ride can makethem feel restlessness.

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