Take Flights From USA to Europe And Explore These White Sand Beaches

Posted on December, 27, 2018 By : iqfares
sand beaches

Beach: an amalgamation of SUN with COLD WATER. Half body in cold water and sun rays are falling on your body which makes you feels half cold and half hot. All you need to do is just put down your bath towel on silver sand, apply some sunscreen on your body and get into the blue cold water. Wow, what an amazing feeling! So what are you waiting for, grab flights from USA to Europe to enjoy this fascinating feel!

1) Reynisfjara beach:Iceland

 “An unbelievably exquisite black beach at the south coast of Iceland.” This beach is almost at the top of the list of every beach lover. This unique beach destination sits between the scattered cliffs and with roaring Atlantic waves crashing on its shore. This beach is a perfect definition of Iceland’s pure and raw natural beauty.

  • Best Things which you can explore near the beach:
  • Vik horse adventure: experience the ride on the wonderful Icelandic horse in the beautiful landscape at 3.3 km from Reynisfjara Beach
  •  Black sand beach: this beautiful black beauty is 2.7 km away from Reynisfjara beach
  •  Katlatrack adventure tour: to see the most powerful volcano under the ice blanket visit 3.1 km from this beach
  • Icelandiclava show: the only fire show where you can closely experience the radiation of heat, safely at 2.7 km away from the beach.
  • how to reach:
  • Fly down to Iceland’s only international airport Keflavik airport with best flight dealsto Europe and take a rented car from there.

2) Silver strand:Dublin

“Drive till you discover this idyllic beach paradise”. Must to visit beach if you are in Ireland. The feel around the golden silky sand, clear blue water and huge high cliffs will protect you from the winds.

  • Best Things which you can explore near the beach:
  • Blainroe golf club: Old saying “if you haven’t played golf here, being a golf lover,then you don’t know what you are missing”. This is 0.9km away from the beach
  • Bray head cliff walk: this place is 4.7km away from the silver strand beach.
  • Black castle: this place is 3.4 km away from the beach and has limited visiting hours like from 1 to 2 hours.
  • how to reach:
  • Fly down to Dublin airport with best deals on flights to Europe on iqfares.com and take a rented car from there.

3) Fjord of furore:Amalfi Coast

“The striking blue water of this beach will make an unforgettable destination.” Famous as the pearl of the coastal UNESCO world heritage site. This small inlet surrounds with huge rocky cliffs located in the magnificent Amalfi coast.

  • Best Things which you can explore near the beach:
  • Snorkelling/ scuba diving in the beach
  • Paragliding in the amazing sky above the beach
  • how to reach:
  • Fly to Naples airport and take a public transport from there.

4) Comporta Beach: Setubal

“One of the Europe’s best beaches which is still undiscovered.” This beautiful beach is known for white sand and here you can escape from the crowd to enjoy your own company. This is a best place to relax and recharge while admiring the horizon.

  • Best Things which you can explore near the beach:
  • Horse riding in the sand
  • Casa da caltura-shopping
  • surfing
  • how to reach:
  • Take direct public transportation from the major airport LISBON

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