These 11 ways will save you from boredom in long-haul flight!

Posted on April, 4, 2019 By : iqfares
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You are all set to board a flight! Bags are packed; booking of hotels, flight tickets, and transport done; once seated, expecting a power outlet to charge laptop and phone and thinking of entertainment options in long-haul flight!

Your flight has arrived, a security person is checking your ticket and finally you step-in. OH NO! You are shocked to see that there are NO Wi-Fi, NO ENTERTAINMENT OPTIONS, and NO OUTLET (although this never happens but still)! Now what? Stayed tuned to check an answer for your, WHAT!

Novel: always have at least one in your bag

It is said that books are human’s best friend; this can actually prove true in a situation like this when you have no entertainment options besides you. So you can read a novel whenever entertainment fails. If you don’t want to read a book, then you can go through the magazine or newspaper which is always available on every seat, if not you can ask from the flight crew.

Game time: install any interesting game on your phone

You can install your favorite game on the phone before boarding the flight. In this case, you need to have a power bank since if there is no power outlet (worst case). So, you can imagine if once you started playing your favorite game, you might stop when the battery will be below 15. If not then good for you!

Watch a movie or series:

Although, generally flights do have many numbers of entertaining channels on every seat, so there you can watch movies or shows. But if not, then you can download a movie or series on your laptop beforehand.

One can meditate:

Mediation is one of the best practices to attain a peaceful mind. And especially when you are from one of those who gets nervous or afraid of flying, then meditation will surely work in your favor.

Drawing book: paint your thoughts with colors

You can get in touch with your creative side and paint or sketch whatever comes in your mind. Especially this proves to be the best option; if you are traveling with your kids/kid then you can spend some valuable time with them.

Listen to soothing music or podcast:

You can create your own playlists and listen to some peaceful and soothing music. Most of the time entertainment options do include podcasts. For comedy to politics; whatever is your favorite you will surely get it here.

Play cards:

You can ask your fellow passengers to play cards with you. But if by chance you won’t find any partner, then you always have an option to play solitaire.

Plan your trip effectively:

You can go through from the entire plan to check is there any back hole. You might be done with bookings of hotels, transport or done with maintaining the shopping list. But if by chance you are left with something, then you can organize it in flight.

Look out the window:

I know only blue or white clouds will be there. But sometimes it feels soothing to watch them too, only if you have a window seat. If not then you can look here or there on other passengers in order to see what they are doing.

Clear your phone:

One of the best practices for leisure time! Generally, we are so busy in our lives that we won’t get time to look properly into our phones; most of us find it a waste of time. So, now when you are getting so much of free time then you can clear your phone easily.

Learn to sleep on seat:

If everything else above fails then you can sleep! This option never fails.

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