This Winter: Travel Europe to Explore these Unique Things!

Posted on December, 19, 2018 By : iqfares

For a great experience in winter, travelers look for new destinations. Europe is a destination with plenty of places to visit and explore. Winter is an inspiring time to travel because off-season accommodation prices are low. In order to save more money, check for flight deals to Europe on Iqfares and you will definitely get some beneficial offers.

Refresh your body and mind with the cool freezing winds in European destinations:

1.Copenhagen, Denmark:

It’s a holiday dream of many people. In December, evenings the place is cold but still you canroam around to explore many outdoor activities.

  • There are public ice skating rinks where you can go for Ice skating. In the chilling weather go for a relaxing sauna and spa, it will make you feel awesome.
  • Tivoli Gardens are the most popular amusement park in the world situated in Copenhagen. So, don’t miss the place to explore.
  • Have a walk on pedestrian streets which are too many in Copenhagen and the Kronprinsensgadeis the most famous pedestrian street.

2. Dublin, Ireland:

You can celebrate New Year here; the city is totally transformed during the New Year festival. You can travel during off-season when temperature is low but not too much.Off-season means low airfares, flight deals to Europe, i.e. trip in December and January can cost you low.

  • You can enjoy the New Year festival with music shows and concerts, with family and friends of any age. 
  • In Croke Park, explore the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) museum dedicated to Irish sports and national games.
  • On a cold night, gathering in pubs and sitting near the crackling fire while listening to tales from old people is abetter way to enjoy here.

3. Paris, France:

The little bit rainy and chilly weather of Paris is quite adorable. In winter the sun sets early, thus you will have more night time to enjoy.

  • Best time to spend here is to go window shopping. While walking along the avenue Champs-Elysées you can enjoy window shop.
  • If you really want to feel winter, go for ice skating. This sport is free in Paris, just buy the skates pair on rent and enjoy the skating.
  • Get closer to the Parisian Catacomb; here you will find the ossuaries, which hold the remains of more than 6 million people.
  • Most important is Eiffel tower; don’t skip it in winters. 

4. Budapest Hungary:

The place is very cold in winter but there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy. Europe’s largest skating rinkis here; yes the City Park’s boatinglake is turned into a frozen rink during winter, where a lot of people come for skating during winters.

  • At VeliBej, you can enjoy the secret bath of Budapest and relax for some while.
  • Taste the traditional Hungarian food, hot chocolate and mulled wine to warm you up. Try out hot Chimney Cake;it is crispy, light and soft.
  • Here you will find thermal bathhouses all over the city; soak yourself in hot water and warm yourself.

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