Top 3 Cheapest Flights From Europe To USA – Make You Save In Loads!

Posted on February, 27, 2018 By : iqfares

Everyone dream of grabbing affordable flight deals to their destination but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Nowadays, fares are quite high and finding a deal within the budget is quite difficult. So what should one do! The only solution is to do research on different options and grab the one which can suit your preferences the most.

Here we are discussing the 3 cheapest routes for flights from Europe to USA that can make you save a lot:

1. Between New York & Oslo:
If you want to know the cheapest route from Europe to USA, then probably the flight between New York and Oslo is the one. It is the most inexpensive mode and the nonstop flights take not more than 7.5 hours. This means you can reach Europe just in less than a business day. If you flying through the Norwegian airlines, then you can travel in about $500 or a little more but this is quite affordable.

2. Between Newark & Oslo:

While picking flights between Newark and Oslo, you can easily reach the desired destination in less than eight hours. Oslo is a hub for Norwegian trade; banking, industry and there are several museums which throws the light on its culture. You get the option of choosing the direct flights of United Airlines. It offers the best ever deals on nonstop flights and let you save more on your air flight booking.

3. Between New York City (JFK) to Stockholm:

One, who wants to visit Europe to explore historical pleasures, can easily avail exciting deals. Between New York to Stockholm, passengers can easily get different options and most of them are cost-effective. You can manage to grab the flight deals in around $600 for direct flights as well as with stops. Talking about Norwegian Air, it offers fares even less than that on nonstop flights. The total time duration attached to this route is about eight hours.