Travel guide for a Budget-Friendly Trip to Malta, Europe

Posted on October, 11, 2019 By : iqfares

Malta is a Mediterranean island in Southern Europe. Visiting this country gives both delight and charm to the visitors. It’s an ideal place for a budget-friendly holiday visit to Europe. This destination can be explored in the very little budget that no one can think about visiting Europe in that little money.  Pick the cheap flights to Europe for your trip if you are budget-conscious.

It has not that much population but nowadays it is growing its popularity as the best travel destination. From the past few years, the number of tourists has been doubled.

If you are one of them who are planning to spend holidays in the Malta this post gives you something special to know about:

How to visit Malta in a low budget?

  1. Ready for Packing: A real travel starts from your home so before packing check the weather of destination city. Then pack according to the weather of the destination. On the other hand, you are going to travel via airplane so make sure you book a budget-friendly ticket.
  2. Getting ThereFirst of all the journey is started from the flights and it needs to be smooth to reach relaxed there. For the international journey, you must go with the business class flights to enhance the travel experience.
  3. Transportation to Explore: You can easily roam around in public buses. Public buses roam around everywhere in Malta but make sure these can be beneficial only if you have a lot of extra time. For a quick round, you must go with a rental car or hire a taxi. These are also not so expensive to go with.
  4. Food to Taste: It is very easy to find cheap food in Malta, whether from small restaurants or the grocery store. In a few Euros, you are going to have a nice meal. You can get here pizza and pasta in abundant.  Make sure you drink mineral water because the water in Malta isn’t potable.
  5. Where to Live? There are many hotels available outside the capital in St. Julian’s and Sliema. You will get here many options to live in your desired budget. You can expect the prices in summer to be slightly high than in winter.

Some basic tips to save money:

  1. Travel in the off-season: Malta is a destination that gets crowded with tourists in the summer. As a result the prices of food, accommodation, and transportation also get increased. To explore the same thing in winter you have to spend lesser. So, it is highly advised to go here in offseason and
  2. Tourism Card and Pass: To visit the top attractions buy a tourism card in which you will get free entry to various attractions. The passes may include the free sightseeing bus for some days as per your purchased pass and its deal.
  3. Free Walking tour: You can also consider a free-talking tour to the local areas. Many companies provide free walking tours to tourists. In this way, you can easily learn the culture, history, and architecture.

Experience to have in Malta:

  • Walk around historic stone streets of Valletta
  • Go to the Tarxien Temples that is the largest temple complex in Malta
  •  Visit Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum ad witness fossil of a range of extinct animals
  • Visit the HMS Maori where you can dive beneath the seas
  •  Every village of Malta has a church where you can go if you want

Also, it is a great place to visit during festivals. At that time you can expect plenty of food, drink, and fireworks.

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