Travel Tips: How to Avoid Checked Baggage Fee While Flying?

Posted on November, 23, 2019 By : iqfares

Many people have the travel goals but not all accomplish it.  There are many responsibilities with the fun and enjoyment of travel. The main factor is you are going to spend on airfare, rental car, hotel booking, and flight booking. Adding all these things it become a large amount to spend. After all these expenses no one wants to pay for additional facilities.

Talking about air journey, the airfare is very high when you fly with business class while the economic class is considered of low cost. Always try to get a cheap flight ticket by using deals and offers. Moreover, airlines charge for the heavy checked baggage. It feels too much to spend extra $25 or above for a checked baggage after all that cost. Each airline has mentioned standard charges for checking a baggage. Generally the rate is around $30 for the first bag and it increases as per the number of bags and weight.

Also, there are some tricks to avoid these fees:

1 Choose the Airline Wisely: Each airline has its own policy for checked baggage. Choose the airline that doesn’t charge fees to check bags. If there are two flights of similar prices and one is providing the free-to-check airline, then choose that flight to save money.

Southwest Airlines allows you check two bags for free, regardless of your class of ticket and destinations. Hawaiian Airlines has free checked bags for international flights. Moreover, Air France, Air New Zealand, and Emirates are one of them.

2 Purchase the Right Ticket Class: Pay close attention, which travel cabin you choose because each class of ticket i.e business class, economy plus, premium economy, economy classic, economy flex, comfort plus, flexi, economy light offers different baggage allowance. Some airlines offer airfare including the checked baggage and for others you may have to purchase a premium ticket to get a free checked baggage.  So, it is better to book a ticket in the premium cabin.

Common dimensions or size for checked baggage:

Generally the baggage size of most airlines is 70 cm x 50 cm x 38 cm and total 158 cm maximum weighing up to 23 kg. As per your baggage you should consider the right ticket class so that you can check bag for free. For more than 2 bags, visit the airline’s page to get the specific details.

3. Take advantage of airline credit card: An airline credit card usually gets you free checked baggage. It can be done by applying the annual credit as your baggage fee. This is the best way to avoid the baggage fee. Moreover there are many travel perks offered by the credit card companies. Don’t forget to utilize those perks to lower the travel cost.

  • AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard is best to avoid baggage fee with American Airlines
  • American Express is best if you are flying with Delta Airlines
  • United MileagePlus Explorer Business credit cards and United TravelBank Card would be best to fly in budget with United Airline

Also, there are some exceptions to the free checked bag benefits included in your credit card. The credit card would not be applicable if your bag is oversized or weighs too much. For such case there would be a fee which you have to pay as per airlines’ policy. If your bag is oversized or weighs too much, there will likely be a fee.

Some of the best cards for free checked baggage are

  • Delta Reserve card
  • The Platinum Delta SkyMiles card
  • Gold Delta SkyMiles®
  • United℠ Explorer Card

If you are a traveler and going for few days it is better you pack limited things that could be placed in cabin baggage easily. Other items like strollers, car seats, and wheelchairs can be checked for free.

Moreover, for the travelers who fly frequently can save a lot with these ideas. There is no big deal in purchasing a card that gives you enough sign up bonus point and extra perk of free check the baggage.

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