Travel Tips: Things you should know before travelling Europe

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Have you planned your summers in Europe? Well, who doesn’t have Europe in their bucket list? It is an incredible continent to explore. I’m sure that you want to make your travels go smoother and safer. In summers Europe is one of the busiest places for tourists. Besides being busy it is everyone’s favorite place to visit. Plan your travelling adventure and dive into the diversity of cultures, history and delicious food! To travel on these wonderful continent only booking flights to Europe is not enough; there are some things that you should know. Here I am sharing some of them.

Make Sure You Have a Valid Passport

What is the first thing that requires when you think about flying internationally? A valid passport! So if you are making plans to visit Europe then hold on and find your passport first. After that, make sure that it’s valid. The next step is to check whether your passport is valid for at least six months after your arrival date or not, because, some countries ask for this clause before granting entry to their country. (Some just three months) in this case, it doesn’t matter that you’re only going for a day or for a month. If you don’t have at least six months’ validity, you could, and probably will, be denied to enter.

Pack Light 

Top travel tip that I would like to give you is to pack light. It will definitely make your travel experience easier. Whenever you travel internationally you always should pack the necessary things in your bag. This will help you to switch to an earlier or non-delayed flight more easily. Another advantage of packing light is that you can take public transportation to get around. Public transport is usually faster and cheaper in Europe. There is another benefit of packing late, you don’t have a problem with transportation. So it’s very important to pack things of your needs only.

Pack an Extra Bag

Everybody likes to shop, especially when in a new country. So it is quite obvious that you are going to shop for stuff for yourself and for your friends. For this purpose, I advise you to pack an extra bag with you. In case you have too much stuff, you should check an extra bag on the way back. Besides that, if you have purchased expensive items, you should put your clothes in the checked bag and you should carry the more valuable items on the plane.

Always Pay in Local Currency

Here I am sharing the most important thing that you must know while paying your bills in the USA. One of the biggest scams that you will find here is the major stores committing while swiping your credit card. As it is registered in the U.S.A, they will ask you “would you like to pay in U.S. dollars or euros/pounds (or in their local currency)”? In this way, they try to pretend that they are helping me to save money but in actual it’s not. Paying in U.S. dollars would seem to be a better way, but in reality, it’s not. In fact, it will be a total rip-off, because the stores that do this charge a higher exchange fee. It will be way too higher than your bank back home does. So always remember to pay in the local currency of the country you’re in!

Try to avoid ATM fees

In a new country and don’t need to use an ATM over there? Not possible! It is a for sure thing that you are going to use ATM to withdraw the money but do you know that using the ATM of another bank in a new country can cost you a lot? You must know that whenever you use a foreign ATM you get charged by a variety of fees. So you are advised to use your Bank of America ATM or try to use any of their international partner bank’s ATM. You can easily search their name and international ATM partners on Google.

Use apps like Google Maps & Google Translate

Communicating overseas is not a big problem nowadays. Thanks to Google.

People generally think that I should speak multiple languages. But luckily if you can speak in English it’s enough. You will notice that most people speak in English especially the younger generation. So there would not be any problem in communication. But in case you face any, keep the helpful apps like Google translator in your mobile device. The next bigger problem is to find destinations in a new country. You cannot keep asking everybody about the ways. Again we are lucky; we have someone to help us always. Yes, its Google map. In case you lose access to the internet, the offline map is there. You must download that too.

Check Your Phone Plan

We can’t deny the fact that we all are so reliable on mobile and internet. But data plans are not the same when you are in another country. So before using all of your apps make sure your cell provider won’t bankrupt you. The solution to this problem is that before leaving on your trip to Europe, call your data service provider and ask them if you are covered for the countries you are traveling to. In case you are not, either turns your phone off or turns on airplane mode and just use Wi-Fi. You can also buy international plans to get over this problem.

Never forget to Validate Your Bus and Train Tickets in Europe

You need to validate your bus or train tickets in Europe before boarding! This is something that you might not be aware of. If you don’t do so you can be thrown off the train and fined. This is something that doesn’t happen in the USA. However, it is something very important that every first-time traveler to Europe needs to know to avoid a hug inconvenience and possible large fine. Simply in Europe after buying your tickets you need to validate it before you get on the train. So before boarding make sure that your tickets are “endorsed”.

These are some things I have shared with you, will definitely help you in Europe. So make sure that you consider them and make your trip more convenient.


1.. Which are the top tourist places in Europe?

  • Rome
  • London
  • Paris
  • Florence
  • Barcelona
  • Amsterdam
  • Prague
  • Santorini
  • Venice

2.. Which are the best places to visit in Europe in the summer?

  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • London, England
  • Florence, Italy
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Prague, Czech Republic

3.. Which is the best time to travel to Europe?

The best time to travel Europe is late European spring (April/May) or early autumn (September/October).

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