Travel Tips: Top Secrets to Save Money on Flights from USA to Europe

Posted on September, 18, 2019 By : iqfares

Understanding the frequently changing fare of airlines is not easy. For international journeys people look for air travel and it is expensive too. But, one can use certain tricks or tips to save money on the flight tickets. No need to increase your budget for your next journey. After years of experience and research we have reached a certain point that picking the right flight at the right time to right place can save your money.

Here we have discussed some tricks to make savings on flights from USA to Europe:


Leaving from particular cities can save your money. Instead of booking a direct international flight from USA to Europe book a domestic flight from cities from where you can get the cheap flight ticket. Boston, New York, Los-Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, and Miami would be better to get a domestic flight. Flights from big hubs like Los Angeles maybe longer, but they’re cheaper too. Booking from East Coast airports may be expensive than others.


To some of the European cities flight tickets from USA are inexpensive so pick the destination cities to which you are getting cheaper flights.

1.      Copenhagen, Denmark: You can easily get a flight ticket to Copenhagen, and from here it is easy to roam around other cities with another transport facility.

2.      Stockholm, Sweden: Book to the Arlanda Airport i.e outside the city center and thus offers the best value for the passengers.

3.      Oslo, Norway: It is an expensive city to visit but from USA it is easy to grab a cheap flight ticket easily.


To find a less expensive flight consider traveling on the edges of summer or peak season rather than peak time. Summer months are considered less expensive to travel to Europe. August is the month when it is best time to visit Europe in low airfare.


Early booking is always considered the best way to get a flight at low cost. From USA to Europe book 3 to 4 months in advance so that you get less expensive flights. Many websites provide flight deals for multiple routes and destinations. Look for such a good deal and let them book your flight ticket.


Flying between continents doesn’t always mean to fly expensive. It was the traditional time when people stuck in between their urgent travel need and expensive airlines. Nowadays various budget airlines fly many long-haul routes in very little money. Budget airlines such as Air Asia, Easyjet, Norwegian Airlines, and Allegiant Air offer deals to fly in between continents or sub-continents. They allow the passenger to fly in a few dollars each way.


Direct flights are always costlier than connecting. Rather than booking a direct flight from USA to Europe go for a budget airline for connecting the route. There are many budget carriers to take advantage of; if you are getting a good deal to another city than your destination it is better to fly and then hopping on a budget flight to your destination. Be sure to have at least 3 hours between connections to avoid hassles and misconnection.

These are some of the hacks that can shave more money off your flight and to spend extra for exploring the destination. We don’t ensure you low airfare that lie in your budget but somehow it can cut some cost. For more saving, you can even check a good website such as Iqfares to get a good deal from USA to Europe to provide you the best price on flight tickets.

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