Turkish Airlines To Expands Its Layover Service!

Posted on April, 3, 2018 By : iqfares

Turkish Airlines has expanded its services of layover for travelers flying from U.S. gateways.

Passengers can enjoy the fantastic Turkish Airlines service to destinations around the world which includes Eastern Europe and Balkans, Africa, Pakistan, South Europe, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia and combining any of those places with a quick trip to Istanbul.

The ‘Stopover’ program of Turkish Airlines aims to create a grand experience for the passengers which will also contribute to Turkey’s tourism activities by bringing in-transit passengers from Turkish Airlines into the fascinating hub city of Istanbul.

Passengers, who will connect through Istanbul from the U.S. with a layover of more than 20 hours can easily receive a free hotel stay. One-night stay service will be received by Economy-class passengers at a four-star hotel, and those flying in business class will receive up to two nights in a five-star property. Passengers, who will complete the booking process will receive vouchers for the accommodation.

Business-class passengers can also take advantage of the Istanbul’s amazing Bosphorus Experience, which includes a tour of the Bosphorus on a luxury motorboat as well as sightseeing at historical landmarks such as the Topkapi Palace, Maiden’s Tower, Dolmabahce Palace and Galata Tower offered at a special price.

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