Visiting Austria: The best time to go

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Austria is a marvellous place. All the natural beauty will sweep you off your feet and there is a lot for you to do. Not only will you find the country to be really charming, but will also enjoy the time you spend in Austria, especially if you travel with a loved one. Before you visit Austria, it is important that you get your bookings done in advance and know the best time for you to visit this majestic country is. You will find really cheap hotels and get cheap flight deals to Europe as well. The best flight deals to Europe from USA are provided by the top most service providers only, so make sure you go with the best when booking your tickets and hotel rooms.

The best time to visit Austria is undoubtedly the spring season or early autumn. You can make your trip amazing if you choose to go on a cruise in the Danube River during the spring season. This is the time when the weather is warm and cosy and is not hot and there will not be too much crowd as far as tourists are concerned, especially in the major cities. The summer season can also be a great time to visit Austria if you are someone who prefers a hotter weather and doesn’t mind being part of some crowd. However, if you love to ski or get into winter sports, it is highly recommend that you visit Austria in the winters that are frigid.

At a Glance:

There are basically three categories for the seasons to be divided into. The first one is the high season which is from June to August and is the warmest weather and witnesses the highest number of crowds. Second is the shoulder season which includes spring and fall, witnesses fewer hours of daylight, but is much more comfortable with temperatures that are cooler and there are very less number of tourists in most places. Third is the ski season which begins in December and ends in February with very limited selection of cruises but is an absolutely ideal time for winter sports.


The good season: March, April and May

The spring season in central Europe begins from March and ends in the month of May and marks the beginning of the cruise season on the world famous Danube River. This is the time when travellers from all over the world visit Austria in order to have a great time. During this season, travellers get a chance to take the walking city tours, go for nature hikes, get into wine tastings, and visit concerts. However, it is important to note that due to the higher levels of rainfall and melting of snow during this time of year, some rivers get flooded and it becomes impossible for the cruise ships to navigate under some of the bridges that are lower and through locks that are along the Danube River. In case this happens with you too, you will witness that the operator will dock the riverboat until water levels recede and then make use of luxury motor coaches in order to transport travellers through their itinerary.


The high season: June, July and August

If you are someone who wishes to go one a cruise on the Danube River through Austria in the summer months of June till August, you need to keep in mind that the weather tends to get a little hot and witnesses a lot of crowd during this time of the year in central Europe. You will have to witness the highest temperatures of the year and the days become really long during this time. This is a great time of the year to go on hiking tours as you will witness temperatures that are at their warmest. It is best that pack a small jacket and a raincoat with you in order to keep you comfortable in any weather condition as it might get a little chilly, with a chance of rain. You can get involved with activities such as city tours, concerts, and wine tastings which are quite popular amongst people from all over the world and these attractions are most liked during this time of the year in Austria.


Another good season: September October and November

This is also a really great time of the year to travel throughout Austria and during the fall season which begins from September till early November there is very little rainfall and the water levels for a cruise are generally navigable. The warmth in the weather during the daytime with little rainfall every now and then make autumn season a very comfortable one to travel through Austria. You can engage yourself in the same activities as in the summer season during this time.


Not so good: December, January and February.

Not many cruises ply on the Danube River during the month of December and absolutely no cruises during the months of January of February. During this time the Christmas markets are the major tourist attraction as they are the most vibrant during the month of December, featuring amazing Austrian traditional food and drinks, handmade souvenirs and cultural celebrations everywhere and will put you in a great mood instantly. You will witness a lot of exhibitions and fairs that are also high in number during the winter time especially for those who are interested in arts. For those who love to ski can also visit as the skiing season will be on till the month of March, however you will find the best snow during the months of January and February.

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