What Makes Dublin Airport The First Choice Of Travelers?

Posted on July, 16, 2017 By : iqfares
What Makes Dublin Airport

People have the desire to have a trip around the world but things become quite tricky when a person has to deal with different currency, language, and transportation services. Places like Europe, Australia, etc are beautiful and give multiple chances to the travelers to explore. Hence you need to know about the basic requirements.

Anyhow, you can easily reduce the impact of these complications and stress of traveling to Europe b picking one option. Dublin Airport which is Ireland’s main airport boasts several great advantages as your point of arrival in Europe. In case, you don’t have any plan to visit Ireland, it may still the most convenient option to fly into Dublin.

Here we are discussing the most interesting facts about the airport which makes your arrival at the airport quite wrathful.

  1. Free Unlimited Wi-Fi:

Passengers can enjoy unlimited free Wi-Fi at the Dublin Airport by connecting to the ‘Dublin Airport Free Wi-Fi’. And there is no registration required for the same. In addition to this, Surfbox internet kiosks are also available throughout the airport.

  1. Perfect Options Shops and Restaurants:

At the Dublin Airport, passengers can enjoy extensive options regarding shops, bar, and restaurants.

  1. Facility of free charging stations and comfortable seats:

At the airport, the passengers can avail the facility of connecting their electronic devices at the charging stations. Along with this, the airport also offers a wide range of comfortable seats for the passengers which will make the layover quite easy for the passenger.

  1. Direct Flights to Dublin are the Cheapest in Europe:

Dublin is consistently the lowest-priced destination. In the month of June, an all-time low can be witnessed for flights to Europe, courtesy of United Airlines. All this make this airport, the first choice for everyone.

  1. Connection with several airlines:

The Dublin Airport supports more than 34 airlines which make this airport the first preference of the passengers.

  1. Maximum Direct flights to US and Canada:

The airport supports 150+ flights a week to US and Canada on a direct basis.

  1. Supports more than 180 direct destinations:

Passengers also get the option to pick from 180 direct destinations from Dublin Airport.

  1. Easy traveling between the gates:

The airport also supports the short and easy travel time between gates, saving the time of the passengers.

  1. Availability of free flight connection mobile app:

For convenience and ease of the multiple passengers and travelers all around the world, there is the availability of free flight connection mobile app.

  1. Dublin Airport also has its own branch of Airport Police:

DAA i.e. Dublin Airport Authority has its own branch of the Airport Police Service which is mandated to provide aviation and general policing at the airport.

  1. Major airport of Europe, delivering US Pre-clearance:

United States border pre-clearance services are available at the Dublin Airport for U.S.-bound passengers. The only other airport in Europe to offer this facility to the passengers is the Shannon Airport.

  1. Dedicated Assistance from Flight connection host:

Passengers can enjoy the free and friendly services of the dedicated staff members too.