WOW Air Introduces Its Own Beer

Posted on February, 24, 2018 By : iqfares

The trend of craft beer is getting onboard in Airlines, as WOW Air which is a low-cost carrier is going to launch its own WOW Beer in celebration of the Icelandic Beer Festival. The WOW beer will be available in the festival and only on a selected number of flights.

The low-cost carrier has joined forces with a Danish brewery to develop its own beer for the occasion. WOW Air has joined hands with “TO ├śL” which is a microbrewery very well established on the craft beer scenario, with the beers available in 50 countries worldwide.

According to the description of the beer given by the WOW Air, the beer will be having a crunchy malt character with floral and hoppy aromas.

The bad news is for the people are not planning on flying soon with WOW Air, as the beer is a limited edition beer that will be offered by the Airline on the occasion of Annual Icelandic Beer Festival and on selected flights by WOW Air.

The image of Vincent Van Gogh has been included on the beer can with a purple-tinted design. The can is designed by the Icelandic artist Odee and is called “I’m in Paradise”.