7 Best Cities For A Solo Trip In Europe

Posted on March, 20, 2018 By : iqfares

It’s never too late for a solo trip in Europe. It can be rewarding and life-changing. The beauty of Europe is spellbinding crossing the borders and cultures in a matter of hours.

With so much of the destinations, it can be difficult sometimes to know from where to start.

So, these are some of the most amazing cities you would want to travel to when you are traveling alone in Europe.

  1. Budapest:

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, which is one of the cheapest cities to travel in Europe. For budget travelers, this might be a good place to start and experience a blend of colorful culture.

Budapest is best for the low cost, its history and a full of life nightlife.

  1. Prague:

Prague is still one of those classic cities you must plan on visiting if you are planning a trip in Europe. This city is rapidly increasing in terms of visitors and cost. It’s a great city to escape day through nights while making new friends as you’ll find many travelers passing through the city.

  1. Vienna:

Being the largest city and the capital of Austria, you won’t run for things to do while you are here. It is full of art culture, history, museums galore and cafe culture.

The city is best known for its history and culture. The city is royal and imposing.

  1. Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and surreal cities to travel solo and that to particularly in winter. This is a hot spot destination for travelers who are young and are bound to meet plenty of fellow solo travelers.

This is a great city to meet people and enjoy the historic sites around the city.

  1. London:

London is one of the greatest cities to travel solo even if it not a budget destination by any means. But still, for the solo travelers, it offers various activities endlessly. Be sure to check out other neighborhoods with more with more old school appeal once you’ve worked your way through Central London places like Big Ben, Westminster, St Paul’s, etc.

London is known for its sightseeing and nightlife.

  1. Paris:

No list which mentions the best cities in Europe complete if it does not state Paris as one of the best cities in Europe. It is true that this is an expensive city in terms of the living and accommodation. It could be affordable if you are familiar with the place or if you know somebody.

The city is best known for its charm, it’s culture and sightseeing.

  1. Barcelona:

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most trending cities for young travelers especially if you are on solo holidays. You’ll be stunned to see generosity, kindness, and hospitality of residents here.

This city is most famous for its lively nightlife and food.

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