Chances Of Paying Over Odds, If Ryanair Flight Booked From UK

Posted on February, 20, 2018 By : iqfares

Ryanair Airlines have declared untrue of the statement that they have been ripping off passengers who book flights from the UK to Euro area in spite of pushing a currency conversion option which is considerably not an option with the heavy exchange rates available elsewhere.

The prices of the airline are available in the currency flight’s country of departure so if anyone booked a flight from the UK automatically sees the prices in British money.

Also able to detect the currency of the card from which the payment is being made, Ryanair’s booking system offers passengers with the euro-denominated card exchange rate.

For Example, the cost of booking two return flights for anyone which costs a total of £400 from the UK to the republic, with a euro-denominated card the charge would be €448 if using widely available bank rates. But with the Ryanair’s default option, the fare would have jumped to €480.

While there is an option for passengers switching to the much favorable option then the Ryanair automatically imposes, many people are unaware of the savings to be made by doing so. Even the airline clearly warns the passengers against choosing the daily rates.

Ryanair has definitely benefited much with the millions of passengers booking tickets with euro-denominated cards for Eurozone from the UK in the post-Brexit period by making its guaranteed exchange the default option.

The airlines have been denying ripping off passengers that choose Ryanair rates instead of daily exchange rates and are unaware of the savings that can be made from the option.


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