Comparison Chart & Information Regarding Baby Bassinet Seats On European Airlines!

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The kids who are under 2 years of age can usually fly for free if seated on your lap. But it becomes more hectic and the most uncomfortable way so where else to seat them? Well, some airlines provide the bassinet seats for the infants.

Meaning of Baby Bassinet?

When you book an infant ticket for the child who is under the age of 2 years, an infant is needed to sit on the lap of adult or parents.

So, the baby bassinet is designated for the safety and provides the safe place for your baby on the plane. And it offers them their own bed so that baby and you can sleep as well without any worry.

  • It is secured with the extra loop seat belt that fits the seat belt of the adult.
  • This is essentially a small bed for your baby, and also called a SkyCot, CarryCot or Travel Cot.
  • If your child is over 1 year old, you could also use something like the Child Aviation Restraint System, CARES.

Most of the Direct Flights To Europe provide the baby bassinet so that you can lay your child flat and keep them secure during the flight. Always ask, if you are traveling with a small child.

Chart of best baby bassinets on different flights

It is a good idea to ask your respective airline if you are traveling on a long flight with an infant and reserve a bassinet for your child before boarding the plane. This is the best and cheapest option if you get How To Find The Cheap Flights To Europe.

The size, age and weight requirements for bassinets are different on different airlines. Listed below are links to various airlines, and what each airline has to say about their policy for bassinets on board.

Bassinet Weight, Size & Age Limit: List of Bassinet Seat on Airlines:

S. No. Airline Max. Weight Of Baby Max. Age Of Baby Bassinet Dimension Other Information


Aer Lingus 10 kg (22 lbs) Between 0 to 5 months N/A ·        Pre-booking required.

·        Available on international flights.

2. Aeroflot  Airlines 11 kg Under the age of 1-year ·        Availability and number of positions depends on the type of aircraft.
3. Air France 10 kg

(22 lbs)

N/A N/A ·        Available in economy & business class long haul flights.

·        Request by phone.

4. Air Canada 12 kgs

(25 lbs)

N/A N/A ·        Available for economy class. For babies unable to sit upright.

·        Available at flight departure.

5. American Airlines 9 kg (20 lbs)

Recently reduced from 15.8kg

N/A ·        Available on B777 & some B767 aircraft.

·        Can’t reserve in advance.

·        Allocated at the gate.

6. Alitalia 11 kg N/A N/A ·
7. Austrian Airlines 11 kg 6 to 9 months ·        Bassinet for long-haul flights.

·        Reserved at the time of booking

8. British Airways 13 kgs

(29 lbs)

2 years N/A ·        BA have carrycot for young infants and reclining chair for up to 2 years old.

·        Cam put in the bassinet position.

·        Can book online and choose a seat at the same time as booking flight online.

9. Czech Airlines 11 kgs


75cm x 32 x 22 ·        Must be requested when you book your seat.
10. Delta Airlines 20 lbs 76.2 x 38.10 x 20.32 cm
30″ x 15 x 8″
·        Bassinet seat available at boarding gate but can request by contacting reservations.

·        Only 2 skycots per aircraft is available.

11. Easy Jet ·        Bassinet Facility is not available
12. Etihad 10 kgs

(22 lbs)

10 months ·        Availability of bassinets on first come first serve basis.
13. Emirates 11 kgs

(24.2 lbs)

Up to 2 years 75cm x 33.02 x 22 cm ·        First class suites measurements are smaller 63.5 cm long and 28 cm wide.

·        Passengers are advised to remove the baby from bassinet during turbulence.

·        Contact reservations for book.

14. Finnair 11 kg or 24 lbs Not older than 6 months 70 cm ·        During take-off, landing and turbulence, the infant sits on the lap of an adult.
15. Gulf Air 10 kg

(22 lbs)

up to 7 months old ·        Infant amenities are not offered on that aircraft.
16. Jet Blue ·        Bassinet Facility is not available.
17. KLM 10.5 kg ·        Can book online or by phone


18. Lufthansa 14 kg ·        Can book for long-haul flights.

·        Seat reservation fee depend on type of ticket.

19. LOT Polish Airlines 10 kg Up to 6 months ·        Reserve bassinet at least 24 hours before departure.

·        Can travel with an infant to/from the US and Canada.

20. Malaysian Under 2 75 cm x 34 x 22.4 cm


·        Phone to book.

·        Available in economy and business cabins.

21. Norwegian air ·        Limited number of bassinets available to/from U.S., Thailand, Argentina and Singapore.

·        Book by phone.

22. Qatar 11 kg Or


76.8 x 29.8 x 15.8cm

30.76 x 11.96 x 8 in

·        If bassinet service is not available, then you can either reselect your flights or continue with your booking, but your bassinet request will not be confirmed.
23. Ryanair At least 1 year old ·        Charges apply to check child’s bassinet or travel cot.
24. SAS Airlines 11 kg (24 lbs) Under 9 months ·        Bassinets are provided free of charge.

·        Available to the US or Asia flights (SAS).

·        Limited numbers of seats are available on each aircraft.

25. Swiss Air Up to 8 months ·        Charges are applied for each segment to sit next to parent at bassinet seat.
26. s7 Airlines Under 2 years ·        Infant bassinet can fit on fold-down shelves and can be properly secured.
27. Turkish Airlines 8 kg Up to 2 years Infant amenities are not offered on that aircraft.
28. United 10 kgs

(22 lbs)

·        Bassinet facility is not available in First class, Global business international flights.

·        Some aircraft have floor bassinets.

29. Virgin Atlantic 9kg-11kg  74  x 35  x 21 cm – 76  x 35 x 24cm ·        Skycot – available in Economy and Premium Economy

·        Bassinet – available in most Upper-Class cabins.

·        Infant Cradle – available in Economy and Premium Economy.

·        Virgin NO LONGER has a car seat type available.

Baby Bassinet Tips

There are some points you have to keep in mind before boarding to the plane.

Follow Rules And Regulation Of Airline (Child’s Age, Height & Weight):

Use the baby bassinet only when your child is comfortable fits into the basket.  Every airline and aircraft have their own rules and restrictions. This all depends on either your child’s height or weight. Some airlines also place age restrictions too. But if your child is fit, then age becomes irrelevant.

Hold Baby In Your Lap During Turbulence:

If any turbulence occurs during the flight, then remove the baby, even if he/she is sleeping. And sit the baby on your lap with the infant seat belt. The zipper on the bassinet holds the baby very securely but airlines enforce you to follow this rule.

Lift Your TV Out:

Remember to lift your TV out before you or the crew put the bassinet up and baby into sleep, otherwise you may not be able to unlatch it properly.

Beware With Codeshare Flights:

If the airline operates your flight is different from what you have booked with, or change flights during the journey, then they are responsible for seat allocation. But, as you did not book your ticket with them, then you may be unable to talk directly to your reservation desk to confirm your reservation.

If Baby No longer Fits Into Bassinet:

If your infant becomes too large to fit in the airline bassinet, then you can use the bulkhead seat if you are traveling with one child. The alternative way is to book your infant a child’s seat, which on most airlines can be done once your child is over 6 months.

Besides securing a bassinet, there is lots of great gear to use while traveling with our baby. Do you have a trip coming up with your baby to Europe? Then this blog will help you to let you know about the airline policies related to child’s weight, height, and age.

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