Frankfurt Airport Welcomes A New Primeclass Lounge!

Posted on April, 6, 2018 By : iqfares

At the Frankfurt Airport, a new Primeclass Lounge has opened. The lounge has been opened from April 1. It is highly anticipated new lounge that is located at Terminal 2. When visiting the lounge, visitors are likely to recognize the signature style of TAV Operation Services.

The opening of Primeclass Lounge at the Frankfurt airport actually brings the total number of TAV-operated lounges around the world to 57. There is also a cost applies to enter into this new Lounge for up to 3 hours. Children under the age of 6 can enter into this lounge for free.

Frankfurt’s Primeclass Lounge is spacious and luxurious. The travelers can take the advantages of the number of facilities provided by the lounge.

Amenities Available In The Lounge:

  • At a time, the lounge delivers comfortable seating for up to 70 guests with the addition of an impressive selection of food options and beverages.
  • This includes things like soups, salads, fruit, desserts, and coffee.
  • Selection of newspapers and magazines from throughout the world are also available.
  • Charging stations are also there that ensure that both business travelers and leisure travelers can stay connected.

The lounge also equipped with the large monitors that will help the passenger to check the statuses of flights while they relax away from the hustle and bustle of the main airport. Apart from this, passengers can take the advantage of this new Primeclass Lounge that has restroom facilities that feature showers. A quiet area, Wi-Fi connection, and baby corner are also available in the lounge for the guests.

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