KLM Adds Automated Messages To Customer Conversations

Posted on December, 21, 2017 By : iqfares
klm msg

The flag carrier airline of the Netherlands, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is taking the next step in using artificial intelligence within its social media service.

The airline is working with the AI frontrunner, DigitalGenius to add automated answers to general repetitive questions from customers without the intervention of a human service agent.

With this new addition, the airlines’ agent focuses on the questions in conversations with customers that require a human approach.

With this, KLM will become the very first airline to provide a combo of human agents and artificial intelligence in a single conversation on Twitter, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Taking figures into account, KLM receives more than 130,000 mentions weekly via social media. And after the introduction of WhatsApp, this number has grown incredibly. Currently, over 250 social media service agents personally engage in 30,000 conversations each week.

Generally, these conversations include five or six questions and answers between the airline and its customers. At the beginning of the conversation, the use of artificial intelligence is done to answer the questions automatically.

The airline has been using AI provided by DigitalGenius to support over 50% of all inquiries. AI provides them with a possible answer when agents need to answer questions. The agents had to decide if the proposed answer suits the question (adjust the answer if necessary) and send it to the appropriate social media channel.

With this next step in social media, KLM service agents have more time to focus on questions that require a human approach.


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