Restricted Items On An Airplane!

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Restricted Items On KLM:

Liquids in your hand baggage:

The passengers can carry liquid in small amounts not exceeding 100 ml per article. These can be placed in a transparent and sealable plastic bag with a volume of no more than 1 liter. The bag must be closed and the articles must fit inside it easily. One transparent plastic bag could be allowed to be taken per person.

United States -electronic devices in hand baggage:

For flights from Paris – Charles de Gaulle or from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, flying for the destinations in the United States or in Canada, every battery-operated electronic equipment in hand baggage will undergo an extra check. These devices will need to be taken out of their sleeves and be switched on and be shown to be operative at the gate.

Lithium batteries:

If short-circuited, lithium batteries can generate a great amount of heat or may catch fire if damaged, which could be due to improper design or improper assembling. Therefore, power banks and loose lithium batteries for personal use in devices such as mobile phones, DVD players, laptops, or for medical equipment is restricted, which may only be carried in hand baggage. Every spare battery must be packed separately in the original packaging. You must cover the battery contact points with non-conductive tape to insulate them and pack each battery in a separate plastic bag if you no longer have this packaging. Defective, damaged or recalled batteries are not permitted for transporting by air. Recharging batteries are not allowed on board. Devices in check-in baggage must be protected from damage and must be completely switched off.

Artificial cigarettes:

You are allowed bring your e-smoker or another type of artificial cigarette in your hand baggage only in most of the countries but not allowed to bring it in your check-in baggage. It is recommended to always check the legal restrictions of the countries that are part of your journey as rules may differ per country for bringing an artificial cigarette on board. However, It is not allowed to use an artificial cigarette at any time or in any place on board KLM flights.

Products of animal origin:

In general, nobody is allowed to bring any products of animal origin. This includes animals or part of animals that are the result of hunting.


You may be allowed to bring firearms and ammunition for shooting and hunting purposes as check-in baggage if you have all the required licenses and permits only after reserving for transportation under the strict conditions.

Other Items:

  1. You are not allowed to carry pointed or edged objects in your hand baggage that could cause injury, such as Arrows and darts, Axes and hatchets, knives, Open razors, Scissors etc.
  2. It is not allowed to take any blunt instruments in your hand baggage which have the potential to cause injury, such as Baseball and softball bats, Billiard, snooker and pool cues, Cricket bats, Golf clubs, Hockey sticks etc.
  3. You are also not allowed to take any kind of explosives or highly flammable substances in your hand baggage or check-in baggage which could be a risk to the health or property of crew and passengers or to the safety of the aircraft.
  4. You may not take any toxic or chemical substances with you that may pose a threat to the health or property of passengers and crew or to the safety of the aircraft. These include Poisons, Acids, and alkalis, fire extinguishers etc.

Restricted Items in Lufthansa:

Briefcases with built-in alarm devices and incorporated lithium batteries or pyrotechnic material are not permitted.

– Containers with gas, for example, self-defense sprays or irritant gases.

– Containers including flammable liquids, such as paint, lighter fuel, cleaning agents, varnish.

– Petrol-operated equipment and tools that already contain minimal amounts of petrol.

– Electroshock weapons such as stun guns and tasers.

– Explosives, flares, and fireworks.

– Poisonous, toxic, infectious substances such as mercury, virus cultures, and bacteria.

– Materials that are easily ignited, such as matches

– Lithium battery-powered personal transportation devices (lithium-powered personal devices include mini-Segways, hoverboards, solo wheels and air wheels, e-bikes with lithium batteries, baggage scooters). This regulation applies despite the power capacity of the battery.

– Oxidising substances, such as peroxides and bleaching powder.

– Radioactive materials and items

– Strongly magnetic materials

– Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

– Substances which emit flammable gases when in contact with water

– Caustic materials, such as acids, alkalis, wet cell batteries.

Important: wheelchairs and other mobility aids powered by lithium batteries are not agitated by this prohibition.

British Airways Security Prohibited Items List:


Without harming safety rules, passengers are not allowed to carry the following items into security restricted areas or on board an aircraft, on either their person or in cabin baggage:

  • Firearms or guns, other devices that eject Devices capable or which appear capable, of being used to cause serious harm by ejecting a projectile, which includes
  • Types of firearms, such as revolvers, rifles, pistols, shotguns.
  • Toy guns, imitation firearms, and replicas which are capable of being considered mistakenly for real weapons.
  • Parts of firearms, excluding telescopic sights.
  • CO2 guns and compressed air, such as rifles, pistols, and pellet guns.
  • Starter pistols and signal flare pistols.
  • Cross Bows, Bows or arrows.
  • Spear guns harpoon guns and Spear guns
  • Catapults and slingshots.

(b) Stunning devices which are designed specifically to stun or immobilize, including:

  • Devices which give shocks, such as tasers, stun batons, stun guns.
  • Animal killers and animal stunners.
  • Incapacitating and disabling chemicals, sprays, and gases, such as pepper sprays, mace, tear gas, acid sprays, capsicum sprays and animal repellent sprays.

(c) Objects with a sharp edge or sharp point– objects with a sharp edge or sharp point which are capable of being used to cause serious injury, including:

  • Items designed for choppings, such as hatchets, axes, and cleavers
  • Ice picks and ice axes.
  • Box cutters
  • Razor blades
  • Knives which have blades of more than 6 cm
  • Scissors which have blades of more than 6 cm but measured from the fulcrum.
  • Martial arts equipment with a sharp edge or sharp point.
  • Sabres and sword.

(d) Workmen’s tools which are capable of being used either to cause serious harm or which threaten the safety of aircraft, which includes

  • Crowbars
  • Drill bits and drills which includes cordless portable power drills
  • Tools which have a shaft or a blade of more than 6 cm and are capable to be used as a weapon, such as chisels and screwdrivers.
  • Saws including cordless portable power saws
  • Blowtorches
  • nail guns and bolt guns.

(e) Blunt instruments such as objects which are capable of being used to cause serious injury or harm when used to hit, including:

  • Softball bats and baseball
  • Batons and clubs, such as blackjacks, billy clubs, and night sticks
  • Martial arts equipment.

(f) Explosives and incendiary substances and devices or explosives and incendiary substances and devices which are capable or appears capable of being used to cause serious injury, harm or to pose a threat to the safety of aircraft, including:

  • Ammunition
  • Blasting caps
  • Fuses and detonators
  • Imitation explosive devices or replica.
  • Grenades, mines, and other explosive military stores
  • Fireworks
  • Smoke-generating cartridges and Smoke-generating canisters
  • Plastic explosives, dynamite, and gunpowder.

(g) British Airways also forbids any other article which in the reasonable contemplation of the aerodrome manager or aircraft operator might be adapted or used for causing injury, harm or incapacitation of a person.


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