Ryanair’s New Routes Will Take UK Travelers To Some Amazing Destinations!

Posted on November, 29, 2017 By : iqfares
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Ryanair has announced a number of new routes for 2018. This will provide the direct transport to some new and interesting spots.

New Route From London Stansted To Italy:

  • The airline has introduced a new route from London Stansted to Rimini, Italy.
  • The flight will run 2 times in a week from March 2018.
  • The seaside resort town of Rimini and the boisterous makes a good choice for beachgoers.

New Flights From City To Madrid, Spain & Krakow, Poland:

  • There are new flights from the city to Madrid, Spain and Krakow, Poland. So, the Scottish travelers will fly directly to the Spanish capital and one of Poland’s most popular cities.
  • This year, the airline had already added routes from Glasgow to Lisbon, Palanga, Valencia, Zadar, and Frankfurt.

New Route From Belfast To Malta:

  • Northern Ireland’s travelers have good news that Ryanair has also announced a new route from Belfast to Malta.
  • This flight will run 2 times in a week this summer.
  • In addition, the new flight will fly in summer to hot spots like Lanzarote, Malaga, Milan, and Tenerife.

Malta will be a huge draw for anyone looking for incredible rocky coastlines and amazing spots for snorkeling and diving.

There is also a new flight to/from Bristol. Travelers will be able to fly direct to Valencia, Spain beginning in March. The flights will fly 2 times in a week.

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