Cheapest Places To Fly Into Europe On A Budget During Peak, Shoulder & Off-Season

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The Cheapest Into Europe

Some people have flexible lifestyles and jobs when to take their vacations, but many others have less choice. For such, Europe welcomes visitors throughout the year. And each season offers a different experience.

Europe Travel Seasons

There are a number of seasons that divide the year into 3 parts:

  • Peak/high season: Mid-June through August
  • Shoulder season: April through mid-June and September through October.
  • Off-peak/low season: November through March.

Each of seasons has its own pros and cons. So, here you get the detail of cheapest places to fly into Europe season wise.


Europe has peak travel seasons, but when airfare is at its highest is hard to travel. But summer is everyone’s favorite to travel in mid-year. There are many things that attract the travelers like beaches, cocktails, underwater diving, etc. If you are looking to escape the crowds, then head to one of these 10 cities to visit in Europe in summer.

Places To Visit In Europe In Summer Or Peak Season:

Stockholm, Sweden ·        Cheapest month to go: July

·        Best for solo travelers.

Prague, Czech Republic ·        Cheapest month to go: July

·        Best for groups

Barcelona & Madrid, Spain ·        Cheapest month to go: August

·        Best for groups & Families

Berlin, Germany ·        Cheapest month to go: August

·        Best for groups

Bruges, Belgium ·        Cheapest month to go: July

·        Best for couples

Amsterdam, Netherlands ·        Cheapest month to go: July

·        Best for groups

Dublin, Republic of Ireland ·        Cheapest month to go: August

·        Best for families

Lisbon, Portugal ·        Cheapest month to go: August

·        Best for couples

Positano, Italy ·        Cheapest month to go: June

·        Best for couples

Dubrovnik, Croatia ·        Cheapest month to go: June

·        Best for families

Peak Season Pros And Cons:

·        Nice Weather and temperatures are comfortable.

·        Days get longer the more north you go.

·        Most Attractions are open.

·        Number of music festivals during summer

·        Long lines and crowded streets

·        Everything is more expensive like Hostels, plane tickets, some restaurants, etc.

·        Not many places are air-conditioned.

Visit the crowded area as early or late in peak season as you can. The six-week European trip of summer starts from June 1 to see famous sights in Italy, Austria, and Scotland.


Europe is remarkably free from September through late October. Italy’s peak season is May, June, September, and October, rather than July and August except for beach resorts. The Alps are better in early fall for hikers. While there are plenty of places in Europe that should be visit during shoulder season and these spots are:

Munich, Germany ·        Best month to go: Sept-Oct

·        Oktoberfest is famous festival in Munich.

London, England ·        Best month to go: Sept-Nov.

·        Biggest celebrations are Bonfire Night.

Porto, Portugal


·        Best time to go: March

·        Port houses across the river in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Paris, France ·        Best month to go: Sept-Oct

·        Famous for iconic Eiffel Tower.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


·        Best month to go: April and May.

·        Best For solo travelers, Family & Couples.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


·        Best month to go: June to September

·        Explore the old wall of the city.

Istanbul, Turkey


·        Best month to go: April to May

·        Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar & Spice Market.

Romania ·        Best month to go: March

·        Head to Transylvania, “The Land Beyond the Forest”.

Athens, Greece


·        Best month to go: April to mid-June

·        Famous for its archaeological ruins and monuments

Shoulder Season Pros And Cons

·        Nice Weather and not hot and also not cold.

·        The lines are a little longer than during the winter.

·        Prices (airfare, hostels, some attractions, etc.) are lower.

·        Hostels are not totally booked

·        Weather tough to predict.

·        It rains a lot. Don’t forget your umbrella.

·        Some attractions might still be on their winter hours.

·        There might be a few things still closed but it is pretty rare.


Traveling Europe on a budget, round-trip flight tickets is determined by your departure date. Therefore, if you fly during peak season and return back in shoulder season, then you may have to for peak-season round-trip fares.


The icy landscapes, fairy-lit cobbled streets and cozy cafés with lingering sunshine and bright-blue skies are much famous in Europe. Great accommodation deals, lower airfares, and fewer tourists make your travel best to this part of the world in the off-season.

So, enjoy the chilly temperatures and start planning your round trip to your favorite European destinations.

Best European Cities To Visit In Winter Or Off-Season: The Best winter city breaks Europe:

Venice, Italy ·        Best month to go: Dec. to Feb.

·        Famous for Piazza Navona Christmas Market and Christmas.

Innsbruck, Austria ·        Best month to go: December to March

·        Renaissance castle is one of the most popular attractions.

Rovaniemi, Finland ·        Best month to go: December to March

·        Fistfuls of Christmas clichés characterize Rovaniemi, the ‘official’ terrestrial residence of Santa Claus.

Edinburgh, Scotland


·        Best month to go: November to March

·        A wonderland with Winding streets, stunning castles, and beautiful Princes Street Gardens.

Jasná, Slovakia ·        Best month to go: January

·        High-quality skiing

Tallinn, Estonia ·        Best month to go: February

·        Famous for food & Fat Margaret’s Tower

Budapest, Hungary


·        Best month to go: November

·        Couples skating.

Abisko, Sweden ·        Best month to go: Dec- Jan

·        Northern lights

Off- Season Pros And Cons

·        There are very few tourists in the winter months.

·        Hostel and plane ticket prices are considerably cheaper.

·        Christmas time is pretty neat in Europe.

·        Skiing and snowboarding are fun.

·        Europe Looks Great in Snow.

·        It is really cold during the winter, but best in Western Europe.

·         It starts getting dark pretty early.

·        It is rainy during the winter.

·        The hostels are not as full so things can get a bit quiet.

·        Europe has many great gardens, but you cannot experience them in winter.

·        Some attractions close early during the winter.

The most expensive cities in Europe during off-season are Berlin, Brussels, and the Scandinavian capitals.

Often, Off-season airfares are cheaper hundreds of dollars because of fewer crowds in Europe, many hotels and flights drop their prices. And these budget airlines and hotels have the number of empty seats and rooms respectively.


There are 3 main travel seasons in Europe like High Season, Low Season and Shoulder Season. And each of which has its advantages and disadvantages to that makes a large impact on your trip to Europe.

PRICES Expensive Cheap Cheapest
WEATHER Best Mild Cold
CROWDS Large Moderate Minimal


When booking flights to or from the USA: The busiest air travel route between the U.S. and Europe is New York to London. here is the best time to book flights, on average to book:

Europe 99 days
South America 81 days
Caribbean 76 days
Central America 61 days
Middle East 119 days
Africa 119 days
Asia 90 days
Canada 59 days
Mexico 61 days


Your direct flight to Europe will likely be your biggest trip expense — it pays to be on your toes to get the best deal. And keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a free lunch in the airline industry. So, ensure that it meets your travel needs with the best combination of schedule, economy, and convenience before grabbing the cheapest ticket.

Best Time To Visit Europe Month Wise

Amsterdam in April

You can enjoy the Queen’s Birthday, which is a large street festival held all over the city on April 30th.

The Alps in October

For those travelers who want to go on mountains and hiking. The most pleasant weather in the Alps lies in early fall.

The Greek Islands in May

Early spring is a great time to visit around the Greece without any crowds. At this time, the weather is pleasant and beaches are empty. You will find locals on the islands that are usually crowded with tourists.

Provence in September

Provence in southern France is one of the most charming regions of the country, but it gets crowded in the summer. At the beginning of the fall, the visitors can enjoy more quiet and authentic experience of the local culture and natural beauty.

Tuscany in Spring

Some of the visitors pick the Tuscany in the summer season (spring). This is a great time to travel.

  • The landscape is lush and green, trees and flowers are in blossom.
  • The travelers will find the affordable things and foods on a budget.
  • Experience the charm of cities and towns without the usual crowds.

Algarve in February

The southernmost province of Portugal is best as a beach destination. But the visitors who are interested to see them in the magnificent scenery and culture, late winter and early spring are great times to visit.

  • The historic towns and monuments are free for tourists.
  • Busy tourist destinations take the traditional character as small fishing villages.

Andalusia in Winter

Southern Spain’s weather is usually quite pleasant in the winter. This is a great time to visit the region. This city is immense with cultural treasures like:

  • The Alhambra in Granada.
  • The Alcázar palace in Seville.
  • The historic center of Córdoba.

Andalusia is one of the most enchanted regions in Europe, and tapas and local wine are a great budget treat.

It will be a better experience and easier to visit Europe on a budget especially those locations that are magnets for mass tourism, during the season.

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