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Also known as the Kloten Airport, Zürich Airport is the largest Airport in Switzerland. It is a principal hub for the Swiss International Airlines. It is serving Zürich, which is Switzerland’s largest city and with the help of the surface transport links, almost the rest of the country.

The location of the airport is 13 kilometers north of central Zürich. The airport is having three airside piers, which are named as terminals A, B and E. Built in 2003, the piers are linked to the central air-side building called Airside Center. Zürich Airport code is ZRH.


The three Airside Zürich Airport terminals are:

Terminal A:

Opened in 1971, it is used by the flights to and from destinations inside the Schengen Area, which also includes the domestic flights within Switzerland. Taking a form of finger pier, since the expansion from 1982-1985, it is directly connected at one end to the Airside Centre.

Terminal B:

Containing the gates prefixed as B and D, Terminal was opened in 1975 and again opened in November 2011 after an extensive three-year reconstruction. It also takes a form of finger pier like terminal A directly connected at one end to the Airside Centre. It controls both Schengen and non-Schengen flights at the same gates since reconstruction. The gates prefixed as B and the other as D having different passenger routes to and from the gates to separate the flows of Schengen and non-Schengen passengers.

Terminal E:

Containing the gates prefixed as E, it is also known by the name of the midfield terminal or Dock E. Being a stand-alone satellite terminal, it is located opposite of the runway 10/28 from the Airside Center. This terminal is entirely used by non-Schengen international flights and became operational and opened on September 1, 2003.  It is connected to the Airside Center through a Skymetro, an automated people mover which transports underground.


Sleeping at the airport won’t sound appealing for some so here are few hotels near and inside the Zürich Airport.

Transit Hotel:

This hotel is situated in the transit area at Gates B/D. The hotel provides private rooms and a rest area. The private rooms are furnished with television, beds and sink with running water. There is also a rest and relaxation area which has 12 bed-style seats in private cubicles, provided with the blankets. All the toiletries, Bath towel and dryers are provided.

Radisson Blu Hotel:

Located at a 2-minute walk to the airport terminal, there is no airport shuttle for this route. Through a walkway, the hotel is connected to the airport terminal.

Holiday Inn Express:

Located at a 5-minute distance from the airport, there is a free airport shuttle which runs from 5:00 AM to 11:45 PM.

NH Zürich Airport:

Located at 6 minutes from the airport, there is a daily free roundtrip airport shuttle bus runs from 5:35 AM to 11:35 PM.


There are various lounges available at the airport which is regardless of what class of service you are flying. You can enter the lounges by paying at the door, by purchasing a lounge pass or via lounge membership programs i.e. a priority pass. The lounges available are:

Dnata Skyview:

Located at the airside on the 2nd floor of the airside center you can have the lounge access by paying at the door, prepaid lounge passes or via memberships of the lounges.

Aspire Lounge:

Located at the airside in the Schengen area, on the 2nd floor of the airport center, one can easily access the lounge by paying at the door, through prepaid lounge passes or various lounge membership programs.

Aspire Lounge:

Located airside in the Midfield terminal E which is a non-Schengen area, this lounge is on the 2nd floor above gate E45.

Swiss Lounge D:

It is located on the airside in the Non-Schengen Area at transit area D. Showers are easily available here. The lounge access is done via lounge membership programs.

Swiss International Airlines Lounge:

Located on the Airside in the Airside center on the 2nd floor, the passengers can access the lounge from Check-in 1 or Check-in 2.



At the airport, there is a free Wi-Fi connectivity for 2 hours. You just have to connect to the network of Zürich airport Wi-Fi. After registering, you’ll receive a code via text message. Go to a boarding pass scanner to receive your access code, if you are unable to receive it via SMS message. When the limit of 2 hours is over, for next session of 2 hours you have to wait for another 5 hours.

Also, there are internet kiosks available on both landside and airside. The 1st 60 minutes to use the internet are free.


  • Bus:

There is a covered bus terminal at Zürich which is the largest and best-connected bus terminal in Switzerland. It provides direct access to check-in, the Glattalbahn Tram stop, the Airport Center and the Zürich Airport Railway Station. The airport is served by sixteen buses and Postbus routes.

Transportation from central Switzerland to Zürich Airport is offered by Flugbus, which arrives at the airport as early as 5:00 AM to catch those morning flights.

  • Car rentals:

To provide a locomotive assistance, there is a large selection of well-known hire car companies.

  • Glattalbahn Tram:

Providing ground transportation around Zürich which is fast and wallet-friendly Glattalbahn Tram serves the airport along two routes. Every 7.5 -15 minutes no. 10 runs between the airport and Zürich Hauptbahnhof.

  • Hotel Shuttles:

Various hotels provide airport shuttles as a courtesy for their guests, for example, Hilton Zürich Airport, Holiday Inn Express Zürich Airport, Best Western Hotel Airport, Hotel Allegra, Hotel FlyAway.

In every 30 minutes, Shuttles depart from the curbside in front of Arrivals 2 between 6:30 AM – 11:00 PM. The rate of the rides depends on the number of passengers riding and the destinations requested, per shuttle.

  • Taxis:

In front of arrival 1 and 2, taxis are readily available. The taxis are colored all white along with an illuminated sign that says “Airport Taxi”.

  • Train:

The railway system at the Zürich International Airport is one of the best-connected rail stations in Switzerland, with all 350 rail connections. Apart from the ticket counters, tickets are available from the vending machines.


P1, P2, and P3 are multi-story car parks, which are directly linked to the main building.

For people who wish to park the car for 3 days or more, the cheaper alternative is P6 as compared to P1-P3. You can reach terminal in 5 minutes through the covered walkway.


Available throughout the day, ATMs are located throughout the airport at the landside and airside.

Currency Exchange:

There are many options available at the airport for foreign Exchange located both Airside and Landside, which also includes locations with 24 hour ATM currency dispensers.

Duty-Free and Shopping:

Multiple Duty-Free shops, as well as enough shops, are there in a small shopping center at the airport. Coop Food Pronto’s 2 branches are located in the airport center that opens from 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

Smokers Lounges:

There are 22 smokers lounges at the airport of which 4 are located at the landside and 18 are located airside.

Food and Drinks:

Food and drinks are available throughout the airport on different schedules. There is no 24 hour operated dining options. At earliest as 5.30 A.M, you will find some restaurants opening which is closed no later than 10 A.M. in the night.

Airport Reviews:

  • Christopher Brown:

This airport is huge and stayed busy until about 1 AM when *everything* suddenly shut down, and I mean everything. Suddenly, I found myself completely alone. Plenty of benches without armrests to sprawl out on, enough outlets to recharge your phone but many of them required sitting on the floor.


  • Darlene R. Hawkin:

Ground level at Arrival 2 directly across from the Swiss Arrival Lounge and Switzerland Info Center there is a child’s play area with some seats. These seats and play area are very close to the bathrooms and the exit to outside, so when everything is closed in the middle of the night you can still head out to smoke and be near to a toilet. Hope this helps you!



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