Closing Of Runway At Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Temporarily For Maintenance

Posted on March, 19, 2018 By : iqfares

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport will soon close one of its runways for the duration of three weeks as it undertaking a major maintenance and refurbishment.

The airport authorities from March 25 to April 15 will close runway 18R-36L, and the traffic normally using 18R-36L will be distributed over Schiphol’s other four runways.

It is the most heavily used of Schiphol’s runways. Usually, it is used by the heaviest aircraft daily for takeoffs and landings, such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747.

This time of year has been chosen for the work to take advantage of what is usually known as good weather, with very little frost. It will also allow the runway to be back to work before the start of the busy summer season.

The work includes renewing lighting, repairs to asphalt, performing structural renovations of two runway stations, updating and touching-up markings, and also applying 500 meters of new asphalt across the entire runway width. The repair of asphalt on the taxiway leading to 18R-36L will also be done, and a field located adjacent to the runway station will be upgraded with a drainage system and re-shaped for proper drainage.

To complete the runway as swiftly as possible, work will continue on a 24-hour basis.


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