Leeds Bradford Airport Opens New Shops, Restaurants & Lounge Area!

Posted on April, 16, 2018 By : iqfares

Leeds Bradford Airport has revealed that the airport is opening its new facilities like shops, restaurants and lounge area as part of their rebranding campaign.

On Thursday, April 12, passengers were offered a look at the multi-million-pound refurbishment. In addition to they also enjoyed a glass of bubbly while they took a peek at the changes and found out what else is planned for the future.

The chief executive of Leeds Bradford Airport, David Laws said, “These are the huge changes we’ve made that will greet people once they’ve gone through security. We’ve invested in new shops, bars, restaurants, and lounges. It is aimed at giving people a choice, as when I arrived nine months ago I thought that choice was limited here.”

Mr. Laws also said: in May, a new Starbucks and Accessorize will be opening at the airport. The airport is also looking towards of 2019, to make the passage through Leeds Bradford Airport more convenient for travelers.

Apart from this, the airport is also planning to build a train station nearby.

Mr. Laws added, “We want this to be Yorkshire’s airport and it is up to me and our staff to give something they believe in. The rebranding has a significant touch as this is Leeds Bradford – Yorkshire’s airport. My dream is for people to come here and have a commuter’s trip to start firmly at the airport.”

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