Lufthansa To Offer A-La-Carte Menu For Economy Flyers

Posted on March, 16, 2018 By : iqfares

The largest German carrier, Lufthansa airlines will begin offering Economy passengers a choice of a-la-carte meals that they can purchase. It is a step to upgrade the onboard services.

The airlines usually offer low-grade meal choices and other snacks to many Economy passengers. But Lufthansa is going to offer these passengers meal choices that include steak dinners, Thai curry chicken, and even a sushi plate to name a few.

Passengers traveling through the Lufthansa Economy Class will have the option to purchase one of seven different meals. This will include all long-haul flights originating out of Frankfurt and Munich. There are exotic Mediterranean meals to steak dinners available for the passengers and the cost of these meals lie between $23 and $40 per dinner.

These meals will be served on porcelain plates to passengers. This step has been taken to show the customers that the airline provides a total flying experience. The airline is working on improving its image by expanding its service and working so that it can remain competitive against the many ultra-discounted airlines entering into their business areas across Europe.

The company rolled out its brand new Business Class cabin. It is designed exclusively for Lufthansa. This new design will offer better legroom space to the passengers and also provides access to the aisle. By 2020, these new cabins will be available in all Lufthansa planes.


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