Ryanair & Norwegian Charging Families Extra For Flying Together!

Posted on March, 4, 2018 By : iqfares

Due to a quirk in airline booking systems, families could be charged extra for flights.

As per the investigation by The Sun, there is an instant variation in the prices based on the number of people on a booking.

Overall, if you are booking tickets for your family having 4 members, then you will end up paying £140 more. This amount is quite high as compared to two separate fares for one adult and one child.

The Sun compared the prices of Ryanair, Norwegian and EasyJet which are the low-cost airlines for the route London to Europe for both a family of four and two one adult and one child fares booked separately.

On an account, it is found that Norwegian was cheaper if the family of four books two flights separately.

On the Gatwick to Lanzarote route, the difference was even higher. The family of four may need to pay an extra £140.

Talking about Ryanair, there can be seen a big difference on the Stanstead to Malta route. It has an extra £65 for a family of four booking together.

Coming to Easyjet, it shows the same price as always; no matter whether you book as a family of four or separately.

This comparison of prices for flights was for the month March and April. As per the airlines, they base prices on the basis of a number of seats left on a flight. This can mean that it is families or larger groups end up paying more.


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