‘3’ Best Airport Terminals In Europe For Making The Delay Flight More Enjoyable!

Posted on April, 16, 2018 By : iqfares

Most frequent flyers do not like the airports because of waiting in long security lines or settling for less-than-stellar, overpriced food. But on the other side, airports terminals offer the number of amenities and serve the food and drinks to the customers.  An airport terminal is an area at the airport where passengers can transfer between ground transportations. The terminals have also facilitated the passenger with the number of amenities that allow them to board the plane on time.

Passengers can purchase tickets, transfer their luggage, and go through security within the terminal. Most European cities involve a connection for passengers coming from North America. Therefore, there are some of the European airport’s terminals that are counted as the world’s best terminals. Here is the list of best airport terminals which will make your next flight a little more enjoyable.

  1. Terminal 2 – Munich Airport (Germany)

Munich Airport’s Terminal 2 was honored as the world’s number one terminal. Terminal 2 is the primary hub for the Lufthansa, its partner airlines, and the Star Alliance. It also includes the new satellite facility. The terminal scored top ratings for the entertainment options and the quiet zones along with overall comfort categories.

Facilities Available:

  • There are a number of quiet zones available where passengers can sit and relax in comfortable lounge chairs.
  • The free WLAN access, electric outlets, and USB connections are available.
  • The satellite terminal offers shower facilities outside the Lufthansa lounges for the first time.
  • The check-in desks are located at level 04 and arrival level 03.
  • The private sleeping cabins are available with pay-per-hour in T2.
  • 2 Lufthansa business lounges are available at level 4, T2.


  1. Terminal 5, London Heathrow Airport (London)

Terminal 5 lies between the northern and southern runways at the western end of the Heathrow site. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 14 March 2008 and its five floors are large enough to hold 50 football pitches. It is used exclusively by British Airways and Iberia and provides a huge range of facilities for travelers, including restaurants, shops, hotels, car hire services, business services, parking and bureaux de change facilities.

Facilities Available:

  • The check-in counters are available on the top floor of Terminal 5.
  • Six cars hire companies like Avis, Hertz, and SIXT serve Terminal 5 Heathrow.
  • Parking options are also at Heathrow Terminal 5. There is also one long stay car park and short stay car park at Terminal 5.
  • Emergency phones are located throughout Terminal 5.
  • Wi-Fi is accessible throughout Terminal 5 and is free for the duration of your stay at Heathrow.
  • Pay phones are located throughout Terminal 5, and you can use either cash or cards with these.
  • There are 5 blocks of toilets located in the departures, four toilet blocks in arrivals, Baby changing facilities and paintings and sculptures on display is available.
  • Business car park, duty-free shops and family lounge is also available.


  1. Terminal T2 – Charles de Gaulle Airport  (Paris, France)

Terminal 2 is separated into seven sub-terminals that are from 2A to 2G. Through the inter-terminal walkways, the Terminals 2A to 2F are connected to each other while Terminal 2G is a satellite building. Passengers can access the Terminal 2G by shuttle bus from Terminals 1, 2A to 2F and 3.

Facilities Available:

  • Terminals 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2G are single-story buildings while 2E and 2F have Arrivals & Departures levels.
  • Meeting points are located landside after the baggage reclaims areas.
  • Terminal 2E is the main building because it includes check-in counters, immigration, baggage reclaim and three satellite buildings.
  • The terminal is facilitated by the services like lounges, car rental, lost & found, and luggage storage.
  • Shopping and dining services are also available.
  • Ground transportation services are also there.

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